Civil Engineering

Certificate Course

A wide variety of certificates course in civil engineering are available. A civil engineer might work in wastewater systems or in the design and construction of buildings, for instance. Specialized certificates are designed to impart knowledge of a singular aspect of the civil engineering field.This course is a forum to bring together students to discuss innovative ideas and diverse topics of this course on next generation of civil technologies. Department has taken a new step for students to improve the quality of study through this course and become most wide scale , extensive, spectacular event in civil engineering.


Creating buildings, systems and other structures that are going to be used by large numbers of people requires the handiwork of people who have gone through the necessary training. Having a certificate course in civil engineering is the basis of what allows one to practice the craft. As is suggested in the different course name, those individuals with a certificate course in the field of civil engineering tend to work on large scale projects that affect the livelihoods of many people in their communities. The skills acquired in these programs allow one to work in a technical support capacity for assignments such as manufacturing operations, design and maintenance.


Civil engineers can be licensed as professional engineers. The certificate course of civil engineering can meet the education as well as industry requirements. In addition, this kind of certificate course can demonstrate a specialized level of engineering competency that can improve and an engineer’s employment prospects or help a company earn a government contract.

List of Certificate Courses
S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended No. of Students Appeared Examination No. of Students Passed Academic Year
1 Analysis and Design of a Multi Storey Building by using Stadd Pro 21-10-19 to
57 55 43 2019-20
2 Analysis and Design of a building using STAAD PRO 23-07-18 to
34 34 34 2018-19
3 Applications of Total Station 05-03-18 to
53 53 53 2017-18
4 Application of Auto CAD 08-01-2018 to
39 39 39 2017-18
5 Design building using MIDAS design + 24-07-17 to
53 53 53 2017-18