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About Department

The department has expertise in almost the entire spectrum of civil engineering namely in Highway technology, Planning, Design, Construction and Management. The department with its multifaceted faculty continues to maintain and cultivate its strong links with infrastructural industry, academics and research. Many of our faculty members and students are involved in research activities in various areas of civil engineering. Along with the curricular the department encourages its students to take part in various cultural-sports-art festivals in and around the country.

The future civil engineers here are always taught with the practical applications by the field expertise. The department is also very active in conducting workshops, short term seminars etc. and at the threshold of planning of the technical festival. The labs here provide expertise in Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Hydraulics and Surveying. With these state of art infrastructure the students involves them in research with the guidance of expertise faculties.


S.No Year of ESTD Name of the Course Intake
1 2008 B.Tech – Civil Engineering 60

Our Vision

To give the world new age civil engineers who can transform the society with their creative vibe for the sustainable development by instilling scientific temper with ethical human outlook.

Our Mission

  • To continuously improve the quality of teaching and learning by implementing innovative pedagogies and utilizing technology in the classroom.
  • To make the department a center of excellence in the field of civil engineering through establishing consultancy and testing projects with core industries.
  • To impart leadership qualities, professional ethics, and develop the soft skills of the students by providing a holistic learning environment in the department.

Program Outcomes

  • Ability to use basic knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering and apply them to solve problems specific to Civil Engineering.
  • Ability to design and conduct experiments, interpret and analyse data, and report results.
  • Ability to identify, formulate and solve complex Civil Engineering problems.
  • Ability to use software methods and modern computer tools to analyse Civil Engineering problems.
  • Ability to design a system to meet desired needs within environmental, economic, political, ethical, management and manufacturing knowledge and techniques to estimate time, resources to complete project.
  • Have an open mind and have an understanding of the impact of engineering on society and demonstrate awareness of contemporary issues.
  • Understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities, and use technology to benefit the community.
  • Ability to work as a coherent unit in multidisciplinary teams and deliver results through collaborative research.
  • Communicate effectively with the engineers and society at large through the ability to comprehend and write effective reports, make effective presentations, give and receive clear instructions.
  • Ability to do self-learning and clearly understand the value of lifelong learning.
  • Ability to recognise the importance of professional development by pursuing postgraduate studies or face competitive examinations that offer challenging and rewarding careers in Civil Engineering.

Program Educational Objectives

  • PEO 1:
    Graduates will utilize the foundation in Engineering and Science to improve lives and livelihoods through a successful career in Civil Engineering or other fields.
  • PEO 2:
    Graduates will become effective collaborators and innovators, leading or participating in efforts to address Social, Technical and Business challenges.
  • PEO 3:
    Graduates will engage in Life-Long Learning and professional development through Self-Study, continuing education or graduate and professional studies in engineering & Business.

Head of The Department

Dr. T. S. Ramesh Babu is Head of the Civil Engineering Department at KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology, R.R Dist, Telangana. He has eight years of teaching experience and 12 years of industrial experience as a Structural Engineer. He has published 10 journal papers in reputed international journals and five papers in national conferences. His areas of research interests include advanced construction materials with natural admixtures and smart concrete materials (green technologies). He has done many complicated designs and successfully executed them with lot of experience for which he received “Young Engineer” Award from J.M.C constructions.

Dr. T. S. Ramesh Babu
M.Tech, Ph.D
Head of the Department (HOD), Department of Civil Engineering
Cell : +917660000961

HOD’s Message

The department of civil engineering is emerging as one of the fastest growing branches by imparting quality education to the students in all the major areas of civil engineering. The department is strengthening with 2 doctorate faculties and 3 faculties are pursuing their doctorate in various reputed universities. All faculties are well qualified with experience both teaching and industry.

The department is forecasting the vision of the college and striving hard for making students technically excellent, culturally vibrant, socially responsible and globally competent. The students are exposed to practical real time studies there by training them to analyze and provide solution for the same. Along with curricular, students are trained in all dimensions by means of seminar, workshops, Hands on work, technical talks, industrial visit, internships, site visit and many more. This provides a well built platform to enhance their enthusiasm and practical knowledge, which makes them to be confident to tackle any civil engineering challenges and be advanced and innovative with the growing technology.


Please find all the Department Faculty Profiles:

S.No Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. T. S. Ramesh Babu Assoc Professor M.Tech, Ph.D
2 N. Naveen Kumar Asst Professor M.Tech, (Ph.D)
3 K. Thangamani Asst Professor M.Tech
4 M. Ratna Chary Asst Professor M.Tech
5 Garapati Venkata Sai Prasad Asst Professor M.Tech
6 C. Hari Naga Prasad Asst Professor M.Tech
7 G. Mounika Naidu Asst Professor M.Tech
8 P. Shashidhar Reddy Asst Professor M.Tech
9 Jagadish S. haranatti Asst Professor M.Tech
10 D. Harika Asst Professor M.Tech
11 Swargam Sanmithra Asst Professor M.Tech
12 G Ravi Kumar Asst Professor M.Tech
13 Dadana Gopinath Reddy Asst Professor M.Tech
14 Renuka Asst Professor M.Tech
15 MD Jalaluddin Asst Professor M.Tech



The department has the following laboratories available:


Our faculty take up various research activities and have published the below papers in International conferences and journals.

  • S. Ramesh Babu won prize from Ultra-Tech in 2009 for scoring highest scoring in Concrete Technology
  • S. Ramesh Babu won the prize Best Engineer award with Rs. 50,000/- prize money from J.M.C. Construction for designing and execution of sloped and stepped retaining wall in “Strengthening and widening of Chittoor – Puttur Road” project.
  • S. Ramesh Babu received best “Young Engineer” award from Ultra-Tech in 2013.
Faculty Name Title of Invention
Ramesh Vattikundala Methods for preparation of bacterial concrete with self healing abilities and products thereof
Ramesh Vattikundala System and method for generating high power by utilization of minimal input power and pressurized water.



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