Electronics & Communication Engineering

About Department

The Field of Electronics and communication Engineering is a rapidly advancing with innovative ideas emerging every movement. Since its inception in the year 2008, with 120 students. The Department has always been on a high growth path. It has a fine blend of experienced and dynamic Faculty. To keep pace with the current technological trends, the department is equipped with laboratories to carry out all kinds of research activities.

Many of the students with research bent of mind engage themselves actively and enthusiastically in developing many Projects with the guidance and supervision of experienced faculty. They get hands on experience in Design & research which makes them industry ready. The fraternity of ECE organizes the technical events, Seminars, and Projects exhibition.

S.No Year of ESTD Name of the Course Intake
1 2008 B.Tech – Electronics & Communications Engineering 60

Department Profile

S.No Event 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
1 FDP/ Refresher 14 24 64
2 Seminar/ Workshops 3 7 15
3 Conference Attended 20 23 4
4 Paper Publications (Scopus & UGC) 30 23 8
5 Online Courses 1 4 13
6 Industrial Visits 6 10 4
7 Awards / Appreciations 1 3 4
8 Professional Membership 2 2 13
9 webinars 51

Our Vision

To be recognized as a full-fledged center for learning and research in various fields of Electronics and Communication Engineering through industrial collaboration and to provide consultancy for solving the real time socio-economic problems.

Our Mission

  • To provide innovative teaching and learning in the contemporary technologies in Electronics and Communication Engineering to support the professional aspirations of the students.
  • To promote innovation through research and development among faculty and students by providing opportunities for inter-disciplinary learning in collaboration with industry.
  • To encourage professional development of students that will inculcate ethical values and leadership skills while working with the community to address societal issues.

Program Outcomes

  • PO I: Apply Electronics and communications knowledge, mathematical knowledge and domain knowledge to identify and capture requirements of specific problems.
  • PO II: Analyze and develop models for specific problems using principles of mathematics, computing sciences and relevant domains.
  • PO III: Design, implement, test and maintain solutions for systems, components or processes that meet specific needs with consideration for safety, societal and environmental issues.
  • PO IV: Conduct required experiments, generate, analyze and interpret the data to draw valid conclusions.
  • PO V: Adapt the techniques, skills and modern tools necessary for solving complex Electronics and Communications problems with an understanding of their limitations.
  • PO VI: Adhere to all regulations and ethics in professional practice as a Electronics and Communication engineer.
  • PO VII: Understand and evaluate the sustainability in the solution of problems related to Electronics and Communications Engineering in societal and environmental contexts.
  • PO VIII: Understand legal, ethical, societal, environmental, health issues within local and global contexts.
  • PO IX: Function effectively as an individual and as a member or a leader in diverse and multidisciplinary teams.
  • PO X: Communicate effectively (oral / written) with professionals and general public.
  • PO XI: Apply the principles of project management and finance to one’s professional work.
  • PO XII: Engage in lifelong learning to keep abreast of latest trends and emerging technologies.

Program Educational Objectives

  • PEO 1: To be equipped with skills for solving complex real-world problems related to VLSI, Embedded Systems, Signal/Image processing, and Digital and Wireless Communication.
  • PEO 2: To develop professional skills that will equip them to succeed in their careers and encourage lifelong learning in advanced areas of Electronics and communications and related fields.
  • PEO 3:To communicate effectively, work collaboratively and exhibit high levels of professionalism, moral and ethical responsibility.
  • PEO 4: To develop the ability to understand and analyze engineering issues in a broader perspective with ethical responsibility towards sustainable development.


Program Specific Outcomes

  • PSO 1: Problem Solving Skills – Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge in emerging electronics and communication engineering techniques to design solutions and solve complex engineering problems.
  • PSO 2: Professional Skills – Graduate will be able to think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate in teams through participation in co and extra-curricular activities.
  • PSO 3: Successful Career – Graduates will possess a solid foundation in Electronics and Communications engineering that will enable them to grow in their profession and pursue lifelong learning through post-graduation and professional development.
  • PSO 4: Society Impact – Graduate will be able to work with the community and collaborate to develop technological solutions that would promote sustainable development in the society.

Head of The Department

HOD Profile:

Dr. Anil N. Rakhonde has completed Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering from RashtraSant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur in 2018, Master of Engineering from Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati in 2008 and Bachelor of Engineering in 1989.
He has a long teaching, administrative and research experience spanning over 30 years. His academic background, administrative experience, curriculum development skills and capabilities would be fully utilised in the growth and extensive development of the Department.
He has published one Patent and presented number of research papers in International conferences and Journals.

Dr. Anil N. Rakhonde
DEE, BE, ME, Ph.D (Electronics Engg)
Professor, Head & Admin Officer
Cell: +91 7057670627
Email: hod.ece@kgr.ac.in


Departmental Message:

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 2008 with B. Tech (ECE) and the current intake is 120 students. The significant infrastructural design, well-equipped laboratories & hi-tech computers with high-speed internet facility with all qualified faculty members ensure world-class standard of education delivered from our department.

Over the past two decades, Electronics and  Communication engineering has played a pivotal role in improving quality of human life and also contributed to the economic growth of our nation and the world at large. The primary objective of the department is to ensure good academic environment for all the students. The main emphasis is given on the overall development of the students to shape the professional career of the students as technocrat / techno manager. To bridge the gap between curriculum and industry requirement, the students are exposed to practical knowledge. Electronics and communication engineering is a dynamic and exciting area that provides excellent career opportunities in various areas of technology. The department faculties are committed to teach our students the fundamental concepts and the latest trends via smart teaching and learning process. The students are also taught with critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they accommodate their future with confidence. In addition to classroom teaching, the students are guided and motivated to practically implement the principles learnt in classrooms through experimentations in the laboratories and through innovation centers on Robotics and Internet of Things. The department supports production of in-house kits and we take utmost care that students get more hands-on with self-design and implementation of circuits and projects. Our Electronics Devices and Circuits lab, Analog Circuit Design lab, embedded and Electrical labs are currently equipped with our own designed kits. The department encourages students/researchers to carry out innovative research to match the needs of the technical education system, the industry and our society. The Department has signed MoUs with various organizations to provide live projects for UG in the field of DSP, VLSI, Embedded Systems, and Communication Systems etc. Regular Industrial visits, workshops, internships and mini-projects are organized for students.

Presently, the department has well-qualified faculty members who have made significant contribution in various fields and have published research papers in reputed journals, international and national conferences. We encourage participation of students in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as well.

The students are also given opportunities to involve in IETE Student chapter activities, which help students gain confidence and become skilled engineering professionals. Students are provided internship facility in organizations like BSNL, DRDO, and ECIL etc. The department conducts various workshops, expert talks and additional training programs on recent trends in Electronics and Communication Engineering in collaboration with industries for the benefit of faculty and students. The student projects are conducted in-house with the guidance of department faculty and industrial trainers.

The graduates of the Electronics and Communication Stream have been selected by some of the leading software and hardware companies of the country. The available diversity of expertise of the faculty with the support of the Principal and Management, we prepare the students to work in global multicultural environment.

Welcome to the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering where we hope you will be able to explore your full potential as a student and eventually make a remarkable mark in your professional life.


Department Faculty Profiles:

S.No Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr. Anil N. Rakhonde Professor & HOD M.Tech, Ph.D
2 Dr. Rohit Associate Professor & Director
(Operation, Strategic Planning & HRD)
3 Mr. M N Narsaiah Associate Professor, IQAC Coordinator M.Tech,(Ph.D)
4 Dr. D Chandra Prakash Associate Professor M.Tech,Ph.D
5 Dr. B Vandana Associate Professor M.Tech, Ph.D
6 Mrs. T Gayatri Associate Professor M.Tech, (Ph.D)
7 Mr. Angotu Saida Assistant Professor M.Tech, (Ph.D)
8 MD Asif Assistant Professor M.Tech, (Ph.D)
9 Mr. Vijay Bhasker Reddy Assistant Professor M.Tech
10 Mrs. Deepika Ainapur Assistant Professor M.Tech
11 Mrs. Pagadala Usha Assistant Professor M.Tech
12 Mr. Bavusahed Kunchanur Assistant Professor M.Tech
13 Ms. Poonam Ganesh Swami Assistant Professor M.E
14 Mr. Vikram S Kamadal Assistant Professor M.Tech
15 Mr. Arpit Yadav Associate Professor M.Tech
16 Mr. Anil Kumar Bhupati Assistant Professor M.Tech
17 Mr. M Tejeswara Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech



Ongoing Research Topics

Sl. No Name of the Faculty Research domain Year of joining University
1 M. N. Narsaiah New algorithms and applications for information sensor and data fusion 2012 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
2 K. Nagaiah Mammo gram image analysis 2012 Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad
3 A. Ravichandra The embedded hardware architecture and VLSI implementation for cryptographic authentication 2015 Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University, Uttar Pradesh
4 D. Chandraprakash Content based satellite cloud image retrieval using various methods and distance metrics 2016 Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University, Delhi
5 T. Gayatri Antenna design 2018 Bhagwant University, Ajmer



S.No Classic Pavers And Tiles Electronics Communication Engineering
1 ARMTRONICS Electronics Communication Engineering
2 TECHNOLEXIS Electronics Communication Engineering
3 UPTEC IDEALABS Electronics Communication Engineering


Consulting Projects

S.No About Projects
1 Annual Maintenance contract with Chetan sai engineering enterprises for annual maintenance of the equipment like servo stabilizer 3 phase 100 KVA, power control panel ,SCADA system, VHF and VTF furnace.

Department Gallery

Orientation Day from 20.12.2019 to 21.12.2019 – II SEM

Exper lecture on vlsi on 04.11.2019

Alumni Interaction on career guidance on 02.11.2019

work shop on IOT and Idea to Product 02.11.2019

Essay writing competition-IETE on 30.10.2019

Expert lecture on NATL on 31.10.2019


Faculty Achievements

NPTEL Course certified Faculty

Faculty Name Course & Certificate
Mr. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy Digital Circuits
Mr. Vijay Bhaskar Reddy Sensors and actuators
Mr. Bavusaheb K Digital Circuits
Mrs. A Deepika Digital Image Processing

Faculty Achievements

Academic Year No of Faculty Publications
2018-2019 23
2017-2018 30
2016-2017 14
2015-2016 9
2014-2015 5
  1. A siada Certified in Python 3.4.3 from Spoken Tutorial- KGRCET.
  2. A Saida Awarded – Fourth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education.
  3. A.Deepika acted as a Reviewer in Fourth International Conference On Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE-2017).
  4. P.USHA, successfully completed “IUCEE EPICS Design thinking course”
  5. A.Deepika, successfully completed “IUCEE EPICS Design thinking course”
  6. P.USHA acted as a Reviewer in Fourth International Conference On Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE-2017).
  7. P.USHA acted as a Reviewer in Fifth International Conference On Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE-2018).
  8. Priyanka Thakur, successfully completed NPTEL online course on “MEDICAL IMAGE ANALYSIS”
  9. Bavusaheb B.K is an active review member in JETIR(Jounal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research)
  10. Bavusaheb B.K filed three PATENTS.
  11. P.USHA, got certification of Appreciation from Texas Instrumentation for participating in DrishTI online Contest on 28.10.2017.
  12. P.USHA,Got appreciation certificate from The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE) for organizing a competition on “Robotics and its Applications”
  13. P.USHA,Got appreciation certificate from MAVEN SILICON, Bangalore for being organizer of the workshop on “VLSI Design Using Verilog HDL”.
  14. P.USHA,Got appreciation certificate from The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE) for organizing a Essay writing competition on “The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Development of  Society”
  15. Dr.Pravin R Kshirsagar,Got appreciation certificate from MAVEN SILICON, Bangalore for being organizer of the workshop on “VLSI Design Using Verilog HDL”.
  16. Poonam Swami, participated in Unnat Bharath Abhiyan from 26/8/19 to 28/8/19.
  17. Poonam Swami, participated in state level camp from 30/8/19 to 5/9/19.
  18. Poonam Swami, participated in Golden Jubilee celebration on 26/9/19 at CMR College
  19. Poonam Swami, participated in Gandhi Jayanthi celebration organized at JNTUH
  20. T.Gayatri, Got topper position in Research Methodology
  21.  D,Chandraprakash,Got appreciation certificate from The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers(IETE) for organizing a Essay writing competition on “The Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Development of  Society”
  22.  M.N.Narsaiah published a paper in SCOPUS on “Dual filter image fuses algorithm for CT & MRI Medical image”
  23. D.Chandraprakash published a paper in ADLYA on “Radiation and chemical reaction MHD accelerated inclined state with variable temperature”
  24. A Deepika, successfully completed NPTEL online course on “DIGITAL IMAGE PROCESSING”
  25. Dr.B.Vandana Rao, received convener certificate from Institute Innovation Council(IIC)
  26.  Md.Asif, Successfully Completed Industrial training course on “RAPID PROTOTYPING using ARM Mbed” from Eduvance under ARM University Program.


Student Achievements

  • Anuradha Shankar, Arjun Singh published a research paper in IJERT Volume-3, Issue-03, March-2014 on “Design and implementation of high speed and low power multiplier using urdhwa tiryagbhyam sutra”.
  • B. Pavan Kumar, A. Bhagyaraj, D. Sushil, G. Vikram Reddy has published a paper in IJCRT on “Implementation of safe heart for monitoring patient condition”.
  • 45 final year students successfully completed Oracle Academy Java Fundamentals.
  • 15 Students of ECE department have participated in Oscad training.
  • 8 Students of ECE department have successfully completed the requirements to be recognized as a Microsoft Technology Associate.
  • 1 Student successfully completed “Global innovation and entrepreneurship program “ organized by University of Massachusetts(USA) and KLE Technological University Hubli, India.
  • 47 students of ECE Department have participated in an Online Contest conducted on 28TH Oct,2017 by Texas Instruments India.
  • 6 students of KGRCET are selected in IBC HACK-2018.
  • Jyothirmay barua and K.V.Subba reddy project has been shortlisted in investor connect session held at E-SUMMIT HYDERABAD hosted by vardhaman college of Engineering on 21st and 22nd  Aug,2018.
  • K.V.Subba reddy appointed as a intershala student partner (ISP) by internshala from 19/9/2018 to 15/11/2018.
  •    4 students have successfully completed VLSI  design using verilog HDL- webinar
  •   3 students participated in state level NSS Camp
  •   2 students got rank selection for state NSS conducted at CMR college of Engineering and Technology

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