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Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Value Added Course

This course is originated by the electrical engineering. By the technically modernization of the world and computerization in our work field, it is necessary to use and understand the circuits and computerized devices in electrical & electronic field. The electrical & electronics engineering (EEE) involves with the power. This course can help to students in various field of electric. It can be existed in various forms like turbine, hydro, gas, fuel cell, solar, wind or geothermal energy. It involves the use, storage and generation of the power and energy.

Scope of the Course

After completion of this course, student can able make their carrier which are given below. An electrical & electronics engineer designs, develops and maintains the electrical, electronics and computer control system to the required specifications, and focusing on economy, reliability, safety, sustainability and quality. Telecom industries, transportation network, IT industries, airplane & airspace manufacturing industries, and production and the distribution of power are some of the specific fields of career development. An electrical & electronics engineer can work with the industries deals in product development, control system, system management, product design, sales, consumer’s electronics, transportation, wireless communication, manufacturing, chemical, automotive, defense and space research organizations.

S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended Academic Year
1 PCB Design and Fabrication 05-08-19 to
40 2019-20
2 Programming with Java 14-03-2019 to
75 2018-19
3 Artificial Intelligent 16/01/2019 to
75 2018-19
4 Simulation of circuits 05/04/2018 to
75 2017-18
5 Design of PCB 10/02/2018 to
75 2017-18