Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Certificate Course

A certificate course can help students acquire proficiency within a specific field or subject area, allowing them to complete a specific course of study focused on a certain topic. This is a highly popular educational option that requires varying lengths of time to complete. Department encourage to all students to participate in corresponding course which is provided by KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology. All certificate courses are very effective for all students which are available as latest technology in market.

Objective of Certificate Course

A range of skills may be acquired from pursuing a certificate course in electrical engineering. Students may find that their ability to research, analyze, or solve problems can be improved. Additionally, qualifications in engineering can help graduates more easily acquire employment.

Scope of the Course

Many different careers are open to those with electrical engineering certificates. Graduates may go on to work for a wide range of companies or organizations; some students even choose to start their own. Electrical engineering is a rapidly growing career field, offering students the chance to work on everything from control systems to heavy machinery to medical equipment. Some students even choose to stay within academia, going on to become researchers.

List of Certificate Courses

S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended No. of Students Appeared Examination No. of Students Passed Academic Year
1 Industrial Automation using PLC and SCADA 23-09-19 to
80 75 65 2018-19
2 PLC programming and its application 28-02-19 to
75 75 75 2018-19
3 Electric drives 26-03-19 to
75 75 75 2018-19
4 Designing of Solar energy PV system 06-03-18 to
75 75 75 2017-18
5 Design of PLC 01-04-18 to
75 75 75 2017-18