Design Your Destiny


About This Event

Design Your Destiny – Skill Development Program for 1st Year Students

Date: 22-09-2016

Resource Persons:

Dr. Vahini Reddy – Founder & Director – Evolve Excellence

Mr. Mandeep Singh Tanwar – Co-Founder & Director – GEMBOX

A 3 day workshop on skill development is being conducted by TASK in our college from 22nd to 24th September,2016 for the 1st year students of all branches. More than a count of 230 students actively attended the workshop.
Following are the sessions with students.
Day-1 (22-09-2016):

  • Recognize the Nature of Personality through Extrovert, Introvert and Ambivert.
  • Brain Processing – “Genetic Brain Processing and Currently Adopted Traits.”


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