Humanities & Sciences

About Department

The department of Humanities & Sciences (H&S) is being established in the year 2008 in KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology (KGRCET). It inculcate the basic knowledge of English, Engineering Physics/Applied Physics, Engineering Chemistry, and Mathematics, these subject considered as the foundation of engineering education. It has very experience and qualified faculty members, among them few are holding Doctorate Degree in their respective subjects. Our department provides strong foundation and offer interdisciplinary approach in the first year, which allows students to shape their course of study to their needs and interests while assuring breadth in their learning.

English is global language and a key for success and a basic requirement along with academics, to face this challenge we have well equipped language laboratory and well trained faculty members who guide the students to learn and use English language as their medium of communication.

Mathematics is the king of sciences and technology and it is a base for all branches, Mathematics itself is a language to solve the problems by using formulas and equations, department provides guidance and explains the logical idea with the help of excellent faculty members. Department has Mat-Lab to make it more interesting and easy to learn.
To solve the mystery of nature Physics plays a prominent role, department well equipped.

Laboratory and expert faculty to make the subject easy and enjoyable for learning.

The study of Chemistry is a crucial in all manufacturing process where the transformation of one form of material into another, equally important. Study of Environmental Chemistry gives knowledge about saving the globe from pollution. Departments has well organized laboratory.

Where students will learn and do experiments under the supervision of excellent faculty members.

Our Vision

To establish a strong foundation in basic sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, which in turn help the students to excel in their core engineering discipline and also train them to acquire proficiency in English language communication.

Our Mission

  • To provide academic excellence in basic sciences in the perspective of engineering.
  • Students and faculties are provided learning environment where they can master in engineering discipline by applying knowledge from basic sciences.
  • Inculcate research culture through project based assignments.

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Please find all the Department Faculty Profiles:

S.No Faculty Name Designation Qualification
1 Mahesh. R. Reddy Associate professor , (HOD) M.Tech, (Ph.D)
2 Dr. N. Sathyan Professor M.Sc. (Physics), Ph.D.
3 Dr. Srinivas Rao Tumati Associate Professor M.Sc (Chemistry), M.Phil., Ph.D.
4 Dr. D. Chenna Kesavaiah Associate Professor M.Sc. (Mathematics), Ph.D.
5 Dr. Venkanna R Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Chemistry), Ph.D.
6 Dr. T. Naveen Reddy Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Chemistry), Ph.D.
7 Dr. Ananthaiah J Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Physics), Ph.D.
8 G. Narsimulu Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Statistics)
9 M. Amarnath Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Mathematics), (Ph.D)
10 Gayathri Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Mathematics)
11 M. Madhavi Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Physics)
12 P. Madhavi Assistant Professor M.A. (English)
13 Zareena Zameer Assistant Professor M.A. (English), PGCTE (EFLU)
14 Sophea Lawrence Assistant Professor M.A. (English)
15 Shetkar Nilakanth Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Mathematics)

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1 Academic Calendar Academic Calendar for 2018-19 (I-SEM)
2 Handbooks  CIVIL & MECH Handbook I-Year 2018-19 (I-SEM)
CSE, ECE & EEE Handbook I-Year 2018-19 (I-SEM)
3 Course Files I-YEAR I-SEM
  1. Applied Physics
  2. Engineering Chemistry
  3. English
4 Lab Manuals I-YEAR I-SEM
  1. Applied Physics Lab
  2. Engineering Chemistry Lab
  3. Engineering Graphics Lab
  4. English Language Communication Skills Lab
5 NPTEL Video Links


S.No Branch Content
1 Computer Science & Engineering I-Year CSE Time Table 2018-19(I-SEM)
2 Electronics & Communication Engineering I-Year ECE Time Table 2018-19(I-SEM)
3 Electrical & Electronics Engineering I-Year EEE Time Table 2018-19(I-SEM)
4 Civil Engineering I-Year CE Time Table 2018-19(I-SEM)
5 Mechanical Engineering I-Year ME Time Table 2018-19(I-SEM)

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