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Student chapter Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) was established under the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2018. IEEE was founded in 1884 with Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison among its charter members. Today, IEEE serves over 400,000 members worldwide. Over 100,000 Student and Graduate Student members worldwide make up 25% of the membership of IEEE and are essential to its continued growth and vitality. Not only is IEEE the world’s largest technical and professional society, it also publishes a significant amount of the electrical engineering and computer-science literature in the world. IEEE worldwide membership is geographically divided into ten Regions. These Regions are further divided into Sections that serve as the centers of activity for professional engineers at the local level. Your Student Branch falls under your local Section.


S. No. Name of the Student Roll No. Phone No. Membership ID
1 M. AKHILA 17QM1A0429 9959137150 95338434
2 P.DIVYA 18QM5A0216 9493243942 95338451
3 G.SAI LOKESH 18QM5A0208 9848863932 95338472
4 M. SUDHEESH PRASAD 18QM5A0219 8688234949 95338477
5 K BHAVANA CHARY 18QM1A0501 7794099307 95338515
6 M. PRIYANKA 17QM1A0560 8497963388 95338537
7 V. SREE NIDHI 17QM1A0594 9885638369 95338541
8 S. NAVEEN REDDY 17QM1A0580 9963420493 95338546
9 V.V.SAI TEJASWI 17QM1A0590 7288071221 95338609
10 M. LAVYA SRI 17QM1A05A6 8500280992 95338613
11 P.YESHWANTH 17QM1A0570 9515203942 95338594
12 JALAJA REDDY 17QM1A0541 7981368513 95338462
13 K. SRISAILAM YADAV 17QM1A0549 8501920966 95338497
14 C. RAJA KARTHIK 17QM1A0520 9912300181 95338501
15 KADARI VASAVI 17QM1A0545 9490099861 95338604


S.No Date Name of the activity Topic
1 02.02.2019 Orientation IEEE Student Chapter
2 03.03.2019 Paper Presentation Artificial Intelligence