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Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE)

Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) was conceptualized by over 150 leaders of engineering education and businesses from US and India in 2007. The name was modified in 2016 from Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education to reflect the more global nature of the collaborations. IUCEE is one of the founder members of IFEES (International Federation for Engineering Education Societies), which was the primary facilitator for the growth and development of IUCEE.

The vision of IUCEE is to improve the quality and global relevance of engineering education and research in India with related benefits to engineering educators around the world. The major focus is on faculty development, student development, curriculum development, as well as improved teaching technologies & engineering education research.

KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology is a Consortium member of IUCEE. The below are the few of the programs offered by IUCEE


In 2015, IUCEE with assistance of IGIP(International Society for Engineering Education), Austria has started certifying engineering faculty, IIEECP. The objective of the Certification is to provide engineering educators with the skills and tools to be effective teachers. Three faculty have completed the course. They are Ms. Udayasri, Mr. K. Syed, Ms. Sandhya.

Gurukul Summit:

A total of 5 Members from KGRCET has attended the summit held at KLE tech, Hubli in 2017. The below is the objectives of the summit

  1. To understand importance of good governance and institutional leadership as fundamental to the survival and progress of Indian engineering institutions in the challenging times and to identify specific areas for improvement.
  2. To share and learn from the case studies of ‘successful Institutional transformations’, through good governance and effective leadership
  3. To understand the roles and responsibilities of the leaders in the institutional transformational process and the competencies they need to develop and establish a plan for development of these competencies
  4. To understand the systemic tools and frameworks that can be used to lead the engineering colleges and Universities to achieve excellence and to identify which two or three tools to be selected for deployment in the next year
  5. Paper Publications on Teaching and Learning:

In 2014, IUCEE started publishing the Journal for Engineering Education Transformations (JEET). Many of the faculties have published papers on transforming Engineering Education which were published in JEET which was a an UGC approved journal


Live IUCEE Virtual Academy Webinars and short courses on-line by Global Academic and Industry Experts and Leaders relevant for faculty and students conducted regularly; Access to recordings of all webinars conducted by IUCEE

International Conferences:    

IUCEE is conducting International Conferences on Transformations in  Engineering Education (ICTIEE) which will CONNECT engineering educators from all over India with leaders from across the world as well as from industry. Participants will be able to SHARE best practices and thereby LEARN to TRANSFORM their own institutional efforts to prepare engineering graduates who can address global challenges. The faculty of KGRCET are encouraged to allow the conferences by publishing the papers and sharing the best practices.


EPICS is an academic program in which teams of Purdue students partner with local not-for-profit community organizations to provide technology solutions. This is a long-term partnership, which allows for more significant projects that may take 2 or more semesters to complete. EPICS projects are intended to solve real problems, and are defined in consultation with project partners from not-for-profit community organizations.


IUCEE is also encouraging faculty with awards and appreciations those who have contributed in the teaching learning process. Mr.Khamruddin Syed faculty of KGRCET, dept of EEE have been awarded with Faculty Fellow award in ICTIEE 2017 held at VCE

Opportunity as Teaching faculty and Teaching assistants

Mr. Khamruddin Syed has been selected as Assistant faculty for Collaborative Learning, Effective Assessment, harnessing the power of Technology modules by IUCEE in IIEECP courses which are conducted to teaching faculty all across the country. He has also selected as teaching assistant to deliver face to face Phase-I of IEECP held at KLEF, Vijayawada

International experts from the US travel to India to discuss global best practices in teaching and research in their field with Indian faculty at Faculty Leadership Institutes. An ecosystem has been built with the help of global experts from around the world. This ecosystem includes face-to-face workshops, webinars and courses in a blended format for faculty development, international conferences, a peer-reviewed journal for engineering education, a certification program as well as networking opportunities between engineering educators and students from India and the IFEES global community.