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Mechanical Engineering

Certificate Course

Enrolling in a certificate course at a college can help further or begin student’s career. Taking less time than a traditional degree, a certificate course exposes students to college level coursework in a condensed amount of time. Students choose to get a certificate course as their interest in department. Mechanical engineering is the design and operation of machines. Within this type of engineering, parts are analyzed to create more efficient and safer systems for manufacturing.

Objective of Certificate Course

A certificate course can offer specialized classes in this field. Some courses that may be taken for this certificate could be computer applications, materials, modeling, production design, composites and mechanics. Sometimes there are further concentrations within a certificate course. Some possible specializations are robotics, computer-aided design, thermodynamics, and hydraulics or product design.

Scope of the Course

Once a certificate in mechanical engineering is awarded, different career options may open up. Additionally, certificate holders have a deeper understanding of the way machines and mechanical systems work. For those who have finished a certificate course in this type of engineering, job opportunities may be more abundant. One type of position that could be an option is robotics designer, which involves creating machines for automated processes. Additionally, careers in structural analysis, which has to do with analyzing systems failures, can be obtained with credentials in mechanical engineering. Other possible career paths are working in drafting, thermodynamics in energy or working in mechanics of various industries. Jobs in mechanical engineering are found primarily in the private manufacturing industry, but there are also opportunities in governmental agencies.

List of Certificate Courses
S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended No. of Students Appeared Examination No. of Students Passed Academic Year
1 CNC programming 04-02-19 to
64 64 64 2018-19
2 Creo software 25-09-18 to
78 78 78 2018-19
3 Hypermesh 06-08-18 to
53 53 53 2018-19
4 Solid Works 05-03-18 to
53 53 53 2017-18