Program Assessment Committee / Academic and Administrative Audit (PAC / AAA):

The Program Assessment Committee (PAC) consists of principal, controller of examinations and Heads of Departments (HODs). The PAC is responsible for preparing the academic calendar before the commencement of the semester. The academic calendar breaks down the academic year into two semesters. It provides the information of the courses for the semester, dates of commencement of class work, syllabus completion, examinations, list of holidays, and the total number of working days.

The Principal, senior professor from institute, eminent professors from other colleges and all the HODs will review the report received from the Department Advisory Board and identifies the gaps in implementing the academic and non academic activities and updates the same to the IQAC.

The PAC is entrusted with the following responsibilities

  • To assist academic units with assessment of student learning and development by reviewing and providing feedback on their assessment plans.
  • Evaluating program effectiveness and proposing necessary changes.
  • Preparing periodic reports on program activities, progress, status or other special reports for IQAC.
  • Motivating the faculty and students towards attending workshops, developing projects, working models, paper publications and engaging in research activities.
  • Interacting with students facilitating the achievement of POs, PSOs and PEOs.
  • Monitoring the achievements of Program Outcomes (POs), Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs) and Program Educational Objectives (PEOs).
  • To review monthly progress of every department.
  • Academic monitoring of all the departments.

Tentative list of Companies for the Academic Year 2019-2020

Tentative Companies to be visiting for the campus placement during the upcoming semester in the KGRCET.

S.No Name of the company Eligible Branches Tentative week/Date
1 Weblink Solutions CSE 04/01/2020
2 Raam Group All Branches 08/01/2020
3 stuMagz All Branches 10/01/2020
4 Genpact All Branches 17/01/2020
5 Creators Technology CSE 18/01/2020
6 GREedge All branches 20/01/2020
7 QSpiders C.S.E/E.C.E/E.E.E 23/01/2020
8 GemTechSoft  Pvt. Ltd   3rd  Week of Jan-2020
9 Grid Logic Software Private Limited C.S.E/E.C.E 4th week of Jan-2020
10 Savantis Solutions LLC C.S.E/E.C.E 1st week Feb-2020
11 Toppr All branches 2nd  week of Feb-2020
12 C-Tel Info systems C.S.E/E.C.E 3rd week of Feb-2020
13 Juspay Technologies Private Limited All branches 4th week of Feb-2020
14 EPAM C.S.E/E.C.E 1st week of March-2020
15 Automatic Data Processing, Inc (ADP) C.S.E/E.C.E 2nd week of March-2020
16 Pact Software Services Pvt. Ltd. C.S.E/E.C.E 3rd week of March-2020
17 Plan IT Services Pvt. Ltd CSE/ECE 3rd week of March-2020
18 BYJU'S All branches 4th week of March-2020

Tentative Events to be carried out during the upcoming semester in the KGRCET (March -2020 to July-2020)

  1. Mega job fair 3.0(core companies) - March -2020
  2. Mega job fair (IT/ITES/BPO)        - May -2020
  3. BOAT job fair (P.S.U companies) – July/August – 2020

1 Dr. R.S.Jahagirdar Principal, KGRCET Chairman
2 Prof. M.N.Narsaiah Associate Professor, ECE, KGRCET Member secretary
3 Dr. Wankhade HOD ,CSE,KGRCET Member
4 Dr. Praveen Kshirsagar HOD, ECE,KGRCET Member
5 Prof. P.Samyuktha HOD, EEE, KGRCET Member
6 Prof.Mahesh Reddy HOD, MECH,KGRCET Member
7 Dr. T.S. Ramesh Babu HOD, CIVIL,KGRCET Member
8 Dr.Ananthaiah HOD, H&S,KGRCET Member
9 Dr. Sukanya Metta HOD, MBA,KGRCET Member
10 Dr. T V V Pavan Kumar HOD, COE Member
11 Dr.Anil N.Rakhonde Admin.Officer, Professor,ECE,KGRCET Member
12 Dr. K Vasanth Kishore HOD, ECE,VJIET Member from other institute
13 Dr. Venkat Reddy HOD, MECH, Anurag Group of Institutes Member from other institute
14 Dr. D. Aruna kumari Professor,CSE, VJIET Member from other institute
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