Student Council


The institution has an active student council comprising of student leaders who are nominated through a democratic selection process. The Class Representatives (CR’s) who are selected for each section are considered as default members of the student council.  The CR’s are asked to elect students to the different roles in the student council which include President, Vice- President, Secretary/Treasurer, Technical Secretaries, Cultural Secretaries, Sports Secretaries, Placement Secretaries, and Social Impact secretaries. Students are encouraged to nominate themselves to the different roles in the student council and an election is carried for all the positions. The leadership of the student council is usually comprised of 3rd year students.

The student council plays a vital role in departmental activities under the guidance of faculty members. Student council is in charge of organizing and facilitating various cultural and technical activities in the institution. The student council meets with all the members once a month to hear and address any student grievances. The student council under the guidance of the student welfare department organizes various events like technical, cultural and sports fest, all traditional festivals, college annual day, Independence and Republic day. The student welfare department is comprised of faculty who support the student council in the conduction of various activities. 

Objectives of the student council:


S  No Name of the Member Position Department Phone No.
1 Mrs. Zareena Zameer Convener H&S 9885423622
2 Mr. Madhu Krishna Member CIVIL 8096294339
3 Mr. B Lingam Member EEE 9440787910
4 Mr. S Sathish Member ME 9703828590
5 Mr. D Chandra Prakash Member ECE 8639632804
6 Mrs. R Sowjanya Member CSE 8639632804
7 Ms. Rashmitha Gongati Student President IV ECE 9666880189
8 Mr. Paranath Reddy Student Vice President IV ME 9573737458
9 Mr. Md. Afridh Student General secretary IV EEE 9398987744
10 Mr. K.Krishna Student Member IV-A CSE 9652894328
11 Ms. Ganga Jamuna Student Member IV-A CSE 7286832761
12 Ms. P Kavya Student Member IV-B CSE 7095377496
13 Mr. Shashank Student Member IV-B CSE 8686813245
14 Mr. Aravind Student Member III-A CSE 8886070930
15 Ms. B Pranavi Student Member III-A CSE 7330749707
16 Mr. Saifuddin MD Student Member III-B CSE 9121016551
17 Ms. V Sai Nikhitha Student Member III-B CSE 8309599762
18 Mr. A Ravi Teja Student Member II-A CSE 9063645324
19 Ms. Mary Shailu Student Member II-A CSE 7993288625
20 Mr. S Hanish Student Member II-B CSE 8790941280
21 Ms. Prerana Student Member II-B CSE 630938194
22 Ms. Gayatri Student Member IV ECE 9441028389
23 Mr. M Manikanta Student Member IV ECE 8125539843
24 Mr. Sai Charan Student Member III ECE 8639546375
25 Ms. Divya Student Member III ECE 9676523384
26 Ms. Kavya Student Member II-A ECE 7780709992
27 Mr. K Dinesh Student Member II-A ECE 8106721757
28 Ms. P Bhavana Student Member II-B ECE 9912850153
29 Mr. P Manoj Student Member II-B ECE 9063424447
30 Ms. Ramya sri Student Member IV EEE 7337085773
31 Mr. Mahesh Kumar Student Member IV  EEE 9133534165
32 Mr. C Amar Student Member III EEE 9000303548
33 Ms. C Aswini Student Member III EEE 9515387075
34 Ms. G Swathi Student Member II EEE 8978914556
35 Mr. Bala Chandra Reddy Student Member II EEE 7702126223
36 Mr. M Ganesh Student Member IV ME 8179074726
37 Mr. Y Rathna Chary Student Member III ME 8143401352
38 Mr. C Mahesh Student Member II ME 9394356633
39 Mr. J Sneha Student Member IV CE 8309395350
40 Mr. Sai Yadav Student Member IV CE 9010267246
41 Ms. D Rohitha Student Member III CE 7075962641
42 Mr. Shashank Singh Student Member III CE 9866121844
43 Mr. T Shravan Kumar Student Member II CE 8309080240
44 Ms. Akshitha Student Member II CE 7093582441