Student Welfare

Vision : To be an Department  that engages students to have a voice, fulfill their potential and get the most out of their College  experience. A student community with influence.

Mission: Support, Empower, Represent.


The way we do things is as important to us as what we achieve.  As a Department we will be:

  • Transparent
  • Inclusive
  • Supportive
  • Approachable
  • Friendly

Strategic Aims:  That have been developed based on our understanding of student views on what we should be and what we should do.

These strategic aims are flexible and need to develop as new ideas emerge and as developments and technologies impact.

These aims are:

  1. Provide Relevant Quality Service
  2. Build and Expand Opportunities
  3. Develop and Grow our Voice
  4. Build and Sustain Financial Viability

Strategic Goals

  • To provide a professional and enthusiastic group of people to support delivery of services and activities
  • To build relevant relationships with key stakeholders and providers
  • To develop new and engaging ways to ensure that KGRCET  is a student-led organization
  • To raise our profile across campus
  • To secure existing and new funding streams.
  • To develop services and activities


Strategic Goals:

 Areas for Action

  1. To provide a professional and enthusiastic group of people to support delivery of services and activities.
  • Develop clear recruitment and retention processes and procedures.
  • Develop succession planning to secure continuity.
  • Provide a quality Induction and Support Programme for all to ensure professional and personal development.
  • Work towards achieving recognition for the quality of support provided to all.
  • Ensure a culture of positivity.
  1. To build relevant relationships with key stakeholders and providers.  
  • Identify key partners and develop a Partner Strategy to ensure clarity of relationship expectations.
  • Develop joint working arrangements with partners to the mutual benefit of all.
  • Explore potential of new services that would be of benefit to all stakeholders.
  1. To develop new and engaging ways to grow student engagement with SWD.  
  • Improve the experience of involvement with SWD with underrepresented groups.
  • Improve our approaches to gathering student opinion and acting on student views.
  • Develop more ways for students to learn outside the formal curriculum.
  • Support the development of student groups to encourage new ideas and initiatives.
  • Encourage and support involvement in representative structures.
  1. To raise our profile across campus.
  • Improve communication and marketing.
  • Improve relationships with College staff and departments and external stakeholders.
  • Increase our visibility.
  1. To secure existing and new funding streams.
  • Develop unrestricted fundraising streams.
  • Explore income generation opportunities.
  • Develop relationship with University.
  • Develop sponsorship relationships.
  1. To grow fundraising impact.
  • Develop student volunteering opportunities.
  • Explore the potential of fundraising for SWD.
  • Build relationships with other charities, organizations and bodies.
  1. To develop services and activities.  
  • Identify and secure improvement opportunities.
  • Support activities and services to fulfill potential.
  • Develop innovative and creative ways for students to engage.



Head of Department

Mrs. Uday Sree

Copy of HOD - Student Welfare

Student Welfare Department (SWD) Team

Name of Faculty

Deputed -Department


Club Details





Ms. K Udaya Sri


Associate Professor


Mr. Shashidhar Reddy


Assistant Professor

Sports Club

Ms. Shailaja


Assistant Professor

Music Club

Mr. Mallikarjun


Assistant Professor

Sports Club

Mr. Chandra Prakash


Assistant Professor

Music Club

Ms. Jaya Bharathi


Assistant Professor

In-door Sports Club

Mr. Jithendhar Reddy

Physical Director


  • 08March2016

    Women’s day celebrations

  • 15Feb2016

    Awareness on latest job trend in USA and India by Learn-tek educational institutions

  • 05Feb2016

    1 day workshop on Career Awareness by Valmiki Foundation

  • 26Jan2016

    Republic day celebrations

  • 12Jan2016

    Traditional Day celebrations

First Ashoka Award Winner from Hyderabad

This Boy wonder is the youngest animal rights activist in the world. Padmashri nominee 2018. National Youth Award nominee 2018. First Ashoka Award winner from Hyderabad. Rescued over 500 animals and rehabilitated more than 3000. Single handedly responsible for turning his college into the first animal-friendly educational campus in the world.

Dr. Zabi Khan

Workshop on Dance by Jeet Mehta

Warangal visit as a part of AICTE-MHRD Program

Photography by Student's under Photography Club

Social service carried by Social Activities Club

Republic Day Celebration's

Program on Health Problem's caused by Usage of Mobile

AICTE Organised Facebook Online Chat

Program Organised by Management as social Responsibility

Project based learning



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