Criteria 2 – Teaching-Learning & Evaluation

2.1. Number of Students Year-wise

2.1.1 Student Details from Other State

2.1.3 reserved Category seats filled details

2.2.1 Learning levels of the Students

2.3 Number of outgoing students Year-wise

2.3.1 Student Centric Method

2.3.2 Teachers using ICT Details

2.3.3 Mentor Mentee Related

2.3.4 Innovation & Creativity in Teaching Learning

2.4.1 Full Time Teachers against Sanctioned post

3.1-Department wise list of full time teachers

2.4.2 Average %of full time teachers with PhD

2.4.3 Teaching Experience of full time teachers

2.4.5 Other State Faculty

2.5.1 CIE System at the Institutional Level

2.5.2 Mechanism of Internal Assessment

2.5.3 Mechanism to deal with Examination Related

2.6.1 COs