KGRCET not only believes in providing high-quality education to its students as per University syllabus, but also strives relentlessly in making them fully employable through its unique concept of an in-house Finishing School.

Finishing school is an intensive long term program which is implemented in addition to the University curriculum and integrated in the regular semesters of each year. This program acts a right platform for every student which provides the much needed motivation and confidence through various modules that have been designed keeping in mind the students’ educational background, region, medium of study, competency, etc.

Careful and systematic preparation on Employability Skills is initiated and sustained. Extensive training classes are conducted right from I Year to IV Year – each semester (see the Training Schedule given below) by our highly qualified, dedicated and exclusive Training Team apart from the experts from the industry and corporate companies. Regular full-fledged sessions are conducted on Mock Aptitude Tests, Psychometric Tests, Group Discussions, JAM, Resume Writing, Technical Tests, Interview skills, Grooming, Body Language, etc.

KGRCET imparts state-of- the-art training to students to make them competent and inspired engineers. The college not only celebrates the power of knowledge, cultivates vision and encourages new ideas, but also inculcates human values and builds up awareness about the self as well as the society around us.

Program Schedule from I Year to IV Year (B.Tech.)

Year Program Title Language and Soft Skils Aptitude Reasoning Technical Skils Total Hours per Year
I Year I Year SEED 48 30 30 20 128
II Year I Semester ROOT 40 20 20 40 120
II Semester STEM 30 20 20 50 120
III Year I Semester BRANCH 30 24 24 90 168
II Semester TREE 30 24 24 70 148
IV Year I Semester FLOWER 50 24 24 50 148
II Semester FRUIT 10 10 10 100 130
Total Hours 238 152 152 420 962