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What Are Your Expectations From The Top Engineering College In Hyderabad?

A slight change of thought is required for a better portrayal of a student’s mind. Our focus is always on the student and what the educational institutions expect from the students. But if you change the perspective and ask what are the expectations of a student from an educational institution, you will immediately see beaming eyes with interest. So, instead of always introspecting and expecting from students, let’s expect from the educational institutions. Engineering is an important academic stream that many students opt for during their undergraduate years in universities and colleges. Some of them go on to make history in the future years. Hence, students look forward to studying in the top engineering college in Hyderabad.

Have you heard about KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology?
KGRCT came into existence in 2008 with the sole perspective to create engineers for the next generation. They have a competent team of professors and educators who inculcate a holistic teaching approach that aims to touch base beyond the books. Education is an evolving phenomenon because stagnancy cannot bring success. Though conceptual learning is the crux of teaching and should always remain, yet changes in other levels of teaching come as a breather because the young students are ready to face the competitive professional world.

The college is equipped with all the modern facilities like state-of-the-art labs and the internet to make learning interesting, fun, and relevant. Teaching in recent times is not limited to bookish knowledge alone. Surfing through the internet to gather information is the latest fad and why not? If you can find the required information in just a click or swipe of a finger, then nothing should hold you back.

Moreover, the campus has a mission and vision that gives complete dedication to the involvement and evolvement of students so that they can become successful leaders of tomorrow. The infrastructure has been crafted in such a manner that learning deliverables are easy to obtain. The placement cell of the institution is another feather in the cap. They have successful placements in leading industries and big names of the corporate world.

As the college is located in Hyderabad, it attracts a crowd from the state of Telangana and other adjoining areas. It is rightly rated as one of the best engineering colleges in Hyderabad.
Engineering subjects can offer specialization in different streams like mechanical, electrical, computer, and civil. The students can make their choice depending upon their skills and merit.

Here are a few traits that a successful engineer should have?

Work In Teams
Working in teams allows students to develop the art of working in the real professional world. The habit is taught to them right in the college years so that they can get the best results in their professional years.

Leadership Roles
Colleges prepare engineering students to play lead roles in projects because they are programmed to lead. But leading never means staying away from their team. You can be a leader and always work as a team. A leader will never get the desired results for the team and the company, at large, if he/she does not know how to work in a team. Engineers have to don many leadership roles in their professional life and the training begins in the engineering campus. KGRCET trains the students in one of the most engaging manners.

Be Responsive Towards Your Flaw
No human being can succeed without identifying his/her flaws. But mere identification of the flaws is not helpful unless you make a way to amend flaws and make them your strength. It is a challenge but undertaking challenges is a part and parcel of an engineer’s career. They have to be ready to face the challenge in the professional world. Failure is not the end of everything. Treat failure as your step towards success.

Learn To Take The Stress
Giving in to the vicious cycle of stress can be easy but disastrous for your mental health. So, be assured that stress will come knocking on your door but you have to wisely invite your guests and enemies. And stress is not your guest, by all means.

The role of an educational institution like engineering college cannot be overlooked in terms of producing future engineers. Hence, the institutions have to give the students a balanced atmosphere where they can learn the art to grow. KGRCET is one of the renowned institutions of the state and the reviews are inspiring. Hence, people from different parts of the country flock to get admissions to the institution.

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Skills You Should Develop In Your Pursuit Of Education

Skills are a very significant feature for every student for successful growth in any sector, irrespective of either engineering or not. During the COVID – 19 pandemic, the significance of skills have been enhanced and the top engineering colleges are concentrating on improving the skill set of the students.

Engineers never work alone; you need to collaborate with a wide range of employees, both with colleagues and people outside the department, to get your project for function. Engineers need to obtain the ability to work remotely with different types of clients at every level. By applying varied skills such as verbal skills, communication skills and body language, you can get the best impression from the to reach your goal. The confidence in you reflects your potential and that will induce other people in believing you and rely on you as you need to work together.

Some of the important that the student should acquire are as follows:

·         Engineering students can enhance their soft skills with the help of soft skills trainers by doing the practices which are offered by the best engineering college.

·         Soft skills incorporate communication skills, teamwork, project management skills, creativity skills, interaction skills, interpersonal skills, etc, there could be a different requirement in recruiters point.

·         Problem – solving ability is a universal job skill which is very important for every employer to accomplish in their career. This could be built up by building up confidence within you to derive a smart workable solution.

·         Always build a good relationship with colleagues and develop a harmonious relationship because you never expect when you need technical help from them. Moreover, building relationships is all about being genuine and trustworthy in connecting with people to develop familiar feelings, bond and community.

·         Develop communication skills which would be the basics of sharing the ideas or presenting your thoughts. For successful people, communication is the most fundamental skill that one could obtain when it comes to directing an individual or a team. Should develop the efficiency to directly communicate with groups and with individuals. The best communication is the significant technique that assists to portrait your ideas briefly.

·         A good communicator must always be able to express the views clearly, without any kind of confusion. The best communicator also understands that communication goes in two ways: being a good listener is as significant as being a nice speaker.

· body language is one of the most predominant non-verbal communication engineering skills. We perform body language at all times. The expression, gestures that we exhibit while delivering information play a vital role. one of the main elements that people notice in an individual is the body language that he/she is presenting themselves in.

·         The technical skills that one possess from the practical and theoretical knowledge taught by the faculty during the entire engineering course and their experience in the industry during the internships.

Industrial skills vary from branch to branch in engineering. The engineering course offered by the KGR institution focuses mainly on enhancing interpersonal skills along with technical skills for the students. They train the students according to their personality and knowledge and train them to succeed in life.

Mechanical engineering;-

Possessing knowledge of materials and its types that are used in making different machines, the significance of aerodynamics is vital for mechanical students. Acquiring mastery over Autocad software is important to enhance the skills set.

Computer Science Engineering:-

A computer science course teaches about programming languages and coding in the four years of study. In KGR, you can be taught the additional coding languages which help to get the extensive knowledge that could build the best CV and open routes to many varieties of jobs.

Electrical engineering:-

There are many skills related to electrical engineering students to learn like designing a circuit, maintenance electronic equipment, understanding theory and analysis, etc. they can also acquire the knowledge of software like MATLAB or Simulink.

Civil engineering:-

A civil engineer student should have knowledge related to construction, designs such as buildings, roads, dams, bridges, etc. Civil Softwares like STAAD and AutoCAD, which would assist in enhancing technical skills that add a lot of value to the CV.

KGR engineering institute is one of the best colleges for courses in engineering having a well qualified faculty and placement cell that is ready to offer excellent training and therefore encouraging students with basic technical skill enhancement along with soft skills.