Center for Engineering Education Development

Center for Engineering Education Development

KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology has established the Center for Engineering Education Development (CEED) to encourage and foster innovations in teaching and learning. In alignment with the institution’s vision of New Age Engineering, CEED works with the faculty in the institution through capacity building initiatives to help implement student-centric teaching methodologies in their classrooms. CEED regularly organizes faculty development program on different topics to improve the awareness and knowledge of evidence-based pedagogical approaches among the faculty.

CEED at KGRCET is comprised to faculty from different departments who work together to design and facilitate faculty development programs. CEED organizes a faculty development program at the start of every semester for new faculty joining the institution. The program while being majorly centered around the “Design and Implementation of Student-Centered Learning” also incorporates sessions on additional topics such as Mentoring Students, Ethical Practices in Classroom, Classroom Management etc. CEED also conducts workshops for faculty in the institution throughout the semester to help develop their expertise in teaching and learning. Below are lists of workshops conducted during the semester.

  1. Blooms Taxonomy: Levels of Learning, Identifying the levels for the topics, designing the course outcomes using blooms taxonomy.
  2. Student Centered learning: Active learning methods, Learning Styles, Managing large classrooms, Collaborative learning.
  3. Effective Assessment: Principles of assessment, Designing formative and summative assessments, creating rubrics
  4. Technology-Enhanced Learning: Integrating technology in classroom, Flipped classroom, Creating course website, online courses.
  5. Creating Teaching Philosophy and Teaching portfolio.
  6. Outcome-Based Education: Designing program-specific outcomes (PSOs), program outcomes (POs) and mapping them to the course outcomes (COs).

Another objective of CEED is to help build expertise among faculty to document and publish papers focused on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Faculty who are implementing innovative pedagogical practices are encouraged to measure the impact on students’ learning and share their work by publishing papers in engineering education conferences and journals. To help faculty write good quality papers, CEED conducts paper review sessions every week to discuss about papers published in premier journals. Through the paper review sessions, CEED tries to help faculty analyze how papers are written in education focused journal papers as compared to traditional engineering journals. Members of CEED and interested faculty regularly review papers from the following journals.

  1. International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (IJ-SoTL)
  2. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  3. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
  4. Teaching and Learning Inquiry
  5. International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy
  6. International Journal of Service Learning in Engineering (IJSLE)
  7. Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

Through the initiatives of CEED, faculty members at KGRCET are able to implement active and collaborative (student-centric) teaching methodologies in their classroom. Few faculty members have transformed their courses to a blended format by developing course websites to enable students’ learning outside of the classroom. CEED aims to continue helping faculty build knowledge and skills on how to better teach engineering courses and help students achieve the intended learning outcomes.

Our Vision

  To promote research and facilitate best practices in engineering education to improve student’s    learning.

Our Mission

  • Foster an environment in the institution to encourage innovation in teaching, learning and assessment methodologies in the classroom.
  • Facilitate research in engineering pedagogy and publish the research work.
  • Keep faculty members updated with the best practices in teaching, learning and assessment in engineering education through training, attending conferences and workshops.
  • Connect with international experts in the field of engineering education
  • Conduct outreach activities such as trainings, workshops and conferences
  • Support educators in their pursuit of excellence through effective use of technology.

Prof. Khamruddin Syed-Head

Team Members

S. No Name Dept. Contact Email
1 Mr. Khamruddin Syed EEE 9848606081
2 Dr. Madhulita H&S 9861139036
3. Ms. A.Deepika ECE 8792717580
4 Ms. R . HimaSagarika CSE 7382322413
5 Ms. Indraja Ragam Mechanical 7989206952
6. Ms. Sujanai K Civil 9606329669

List of Papers published under CEED

SNO Title of the Paper Year of Publication Name of the authors Name of the Journal DOI Number, UGC/Scopus
1   Improving Teaching Process Through Technology-Enhanced Instruction for Electrical Machines Course 2019-20 Syedkhamruddin, Rohit Kandakatla Journal for Engineering Education Transformations (Accepted for Publication)   SCOPUS
2   Experiencing the Essence of Learning Database Management System Course using C-map Tool   2019-20 R. Hima Sagarika, Syedkhamruddin Journal for Engineering Education Transformations (Accepted for Publication)   SCOPUS
3   An Active and Collaborative Learning Practice through Mind Mapping Using Jigsaw Activity of Class Room Based Interaction in Engineering Education 2017-18 M.Rambabu Journal for Engineering Education Transformations   10.16920/jeet/2018/v0i0/120934   UGC
4   An Initiative to the Project Based Learning at KGRCET: As a Part of Active Learning Methodologies   2017-18 Tuti Sandhya, P Anusha Journal for Engineering Education Transformations   10.16920/jeet/2017/v31i2/119556   UGC
5   Enhancing Teaching Learning and OBE process through CEED in Collaboration with iGurukuls 2016-17 Khamruddin Syed, K.Anusha Journal for Engineering Education Transformations 10.16920/jeet/2017/v30i3/110586   UGC
6   Conceptualization of Data Structures Course using Visualization Techniques-A Case Study 2016-17 K.Sudheer, Khamruddin Syed Journal for Engineering Education Transformations 10.16920/jeet/2017/v30i4/114103   UGC
7   Importance and Scope of Implementing Project Based Learning in Tier-II Engineering Colleges 2016-17 K.Anusha, Khamruddin Syed Journal for Engineering Educatin Transformations 10.16920/jeet/2017/v30i3/110592   UGC
  8 Incorporating Student Voice in the Transformation Process   2016-17 S.Anusha, N. Swetha Reddy   Journal for Engineering Education Transformations 10.16920/jeet/2016/v0i0/85715   UGC
9   Improving Teaching learning process through the establishment of CEED 2015-16 Sandhya Tuti, Rohit Kandakatla, Syed  Khamruddin Journal for Engineering Education Transformations 10.16920/jeet/2016/v0i0/85718   UGC
10     Social Learning in Engineering Education 2014-15 S Anusha, N Swetha Reddy Journal for Engineering Education Transformations 10.16920/jeet/2015/v0i0/59749    

Awards and appreciations of CEED members

  • Mr. Khamruddin Syed has been awarded for Accomplishments In Engineering Education atICTIEE-2020 held at Anurag Group of Institutions on Janurary 8th, 2020.
  • Mr. K. Syed has awarded as the faculty fellow (Outstanding engineering educator) in ICTIEE 2017 conference
  • Ms. Shiwani has got fellowship for contributions from civil in ICTIEE 2017
  • Mr. K.Syed has selected as a reviewer for ICTIEE 2017,2018 conferences
  • Mr. K.Syed has certified as Microsoft Educator Award
  • Mr. K.Syed has selected as faculty for online pedagogical training in IIEECP
  • Mr. K.Syed, Ms. Udayasri, Ms. Sandhya has completed 6 months course on International teachers certification program.
  • Mr. K.Syed, Ms. Udayasri, Ms. Anusha has completed online course on “Publishing and Reviewing papers on Engineering Education” from Arizona State University
  • Mr. K.Syed has worked along with global experts Prof. Veena Kumar, Prof. Claire Komes, Prof. Subramanian Rajan, Prof. Stephanie farell, Dr. Archan Mantri, etc. as online instructors, core team members in reviewing committee, plagiarism committee, etc.
  • Mr. K.Syed has appointed as teaching faculty for Phase-I teachers certification program at KL University in 2017 for 100 participants organized by SDC, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh