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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Data Science - Artificial Intelligence Club


  1. We aim to inculcate in depth knowledge of artificial intelligence, machine learning and other domain specific fields like national language processing, Computer vision, etc in students so as to make KGRCET a haven for data science and artificial intelligence enthusiasts and place where companies would connect to students active in these fields.
  2. We aim to create a club where people irrespective their different engineering streams and branches are united by their passion of Data science and Artificial Intelligence.
  3. We aim to collaborate with clubs, companies and institutes in different fields for projects and research in Data science, Artificial intelligence, etc. and make KGRCET one of the best colleges in these fields.


  • The purpose of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Club is to promote research, education, training and development in the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science (DS), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning (DL), Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS), Computer Vision (CV).
    1. To provide a forum for students, members of the public and faculty members to discuss, debate and present various topics and research related to the field of AI, DS, NLP, DL, RS and GIS.
    2. To encourage students to participate and conduct Hackathons, Data-a-thons, technical events in AI, DS, NLP, DL, RS and GIS.
    3. To encourage and support student research activities.
    4. To evolve an informal environment for socializing and networking within the field of AI, DS, NLP, DL, RS and GIS. Invite technical experts in domain for knowledge advancement.

Our club helps students from a variety of backgrounds develop a practical understanding of computational intelligence (AI) and work together to apply programming techniques to games, robotics, or any other AI-related project you can think of.

We are currently a small and upcoming club on campus, consisting of students from a variety of degree programs interested in sharing a better understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) problems, techniques for implementing their respective solutions, and keeping abreast of current developments in the domain.

AI focuses on the use of computers and how they can be effectively used to develop intelligent software and systems. When people think of AI, they typically think of the intelligent agents that can be found throughout culture, including, siri, HAL from Space Odyssey, or Cortana from the Halo video game series. But this only is one facet. Other sub disciplines under this area of computer science include natural language processing, robotics, and neural networks to name a few.

The main goal of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is to program computers to use example data or experience to solve a given problem. Many successful applications based on machine learning exist already, including systems that analyze past sales data to predict customer behaviour (financial management), recognize faces or spoken speech, optimize robot behaviour so that a task can be completed using minimum resources, and extract knowledge from bioinformatics data.
This Club discusses AI methods based in different fields, including neural networks, signal processing, control, and data mining, in order to present a unified treatment of machine learning problems and solutions.

If you're curious to see what we're all about or are ready to simply dive right in, feel free to visit us at one of our weekly meetings or contact our president. We welcome students of all ages and levels of programming experience. No previous experience in AI required.

1. Certification Course on Fundamentals of Python Programming

2. Value Added course in Introduction to Machine Learning