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E-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (ELSI) is a college level program under which colleges are encouraged to setup robotics labs. It is designed as a scalable and sustainable approach that addresses infrastructure creation and teacher training  to create an eco-system at the colleges to impart effective engineering education. It provides guidance and support for establishing robotics labs (three robotic kits are given to each participating college) and a two-phased training for teachers.

For Teachers

The teachers are engaged through hands-on experiments in a step-by-step manner with exciting prizes and certificates. eYIC is the basis for e-Yantra to build a start-up ecosystem around a college e-Yantra lab. It solicit ideas from student-teacher teams from eLSI colleges as the basis for innovative projects and for sustained use of Robotics labs set up through Elsi.

e-Yantra is a project hosted by IIT Bombay to spread education in Embedded systems and Robotics and sponsored by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) through the National Mission on Education through ICT (NMEICT). e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) supports infrastructure creation at colleges by providing a platform for inducting teachers in Project Based Learning or “Learning by doing”. It train teachers in theory and applications of Embedded systems and Robotics, in addition to providing guidance in setting

up an Embedded Systems and Robotics lab at the college. eLSI enables colleges to teach Robotics and Embedded Systems by: Ÿ training team of 4 teachers from a college in basics of Embedded Systems theory and Microcontroller programming through an on-site (at a local centre) 2-day workshop. Ÿ engaging teams through Task based Training (TBT) where teachers are trained to implement experiments on a robot over a period of two/three months. Each college team is given a Robotic kit along with tutorials and accessories and is taken step-by-step through hands-on training by the e- Yantra team. Ÿ provides support and advice to set up a Robotics lab so that by the time the teachers are trained, the lab is ready at the college for the teachers to get their students involved through projects.


The main benefit of engaging with e-Yantra is to empower teachers and students to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in a college through e-Yantra initiatives. It not only helps to set up infrastructure and training but also through considerable network identify resources in industry and alumni to help realize these goals in colleges hosting labs.


  • Better final year projects in the area of Embedded Systems and Robotics.
  • Sustainability of the established lab through participation in the e-Yantra Ideas Competition(eYIC).
  • An opportunity to setup an agriculture based IoT-test bed through the e-Yantra Farm Setup Initiative (eFSI)
  • Better prospects for a college to gain visibility and attract local industries for internships and placements.
  •  Integration of hands-on experiments with regular theory sessions through teacher manuals shared via a resource portal.
  •  The established lab along with its sustainable ecosystem helps a college during accreditation.

By what method does a college participate

It is in the interest of the college to invest in creating infrastructure – a Robotics lab where students have an opportunity to explore interdisciplinary skills and to prepare them for either industry or start-ups.

A college needs to commit the following to participate in this initiative:

  1. Funds to equip a basic robotics lab (in addition to space and other infrastructure for a lab)
  2. A team of 4 teachers to be trained by e-Yantra.