EAMCET Counseling code: KGRH

Arts Club

Introduction :

The Arts Club is a vibrant hub of creativity where students come together to paint, draw, and decorate. Whether it’s preparing for special events or simply expressing themselves through art, this club provides a welcoming space for students to explore their artistic talents. During events, members of the Arts Club transform the college campus into a colorful and dynamic environment, adding their personal touch to every corner. From crafting eye-catching posters to designing elaborate stage decorations, their contributions enhance the atmosphere and create memorable experiences for everyone involved. Through collaboration and expression, the Arts Club not only beautifies our campus but also fosters a sense of community and artistic appreciation among students.

The objective of the arts club at our college is to provide a creative platform for students to express themselves through painting, drawing, and decoration. Through our club, students have the opportunity to enhance their artistic skills, collaborate with peers, and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of our college during events. By engaging in various art projects, we aim to foster a sense of community, promote self-expression, and beautify our campus environment. Ultimately, our goal is to cultivate a thriving artistic community within our college and enrich the overall student experience through creative expression.

SCRIPT TO SCREEN : It is a Two – Days workshop 

Speaker Details: Nikhil Reddy 4th year from KG Reddy College is not just an expert in film making but also shot a short film in the college, Aarthik 2nd year one of us heads trying to share his views on film making, Lokesh 3rd year our vice presidents explained how it is important to know the structure of storytelling, Sheshank 3rd year shared his views on continuity details, different angles.

President Annam Swati CSE Third Year
Secretary Jyothi Banuri CSE Third Year
Treasurer Banoor Nagasree CSE Third Year
Head-Events Basvani gouri CSE Second Year
Head-Publicity Guduri Chathura Sree  CIVIL Second Year
Head-Social Media Nithin Pallati CSE Second Year
Head-Documentation Cheguri Keerthana CSE Second Year