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Computer Science & Engineering – AIML

Computer Science & Engineering – AIML

About Department

B. Tech in Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning is an undergraduate programme with advanced learning solutions imparting knowledge of advanced innovations like machine learning, often called deep learning and artificial intelligence.

This specialization is designed to enable students to build intelligent machines, software, or applications with a cutting-edge combination of machine learning, analytics and visualization technologies. The main goal of artificial intelligence (AI) learning is to program computers to use example data or experience to solve a given problem. Many successful applications based on machine learning exist already, including systems that analyze past sales data to predict customer behavior (financial management), recognize faces or spoken speech, optimize robot behavior so that a task can be completed using minimum resources, and extract knowledge from bioinformatics data, and all these you will learn the artificial intelligence and machine learning engineering college in Hyderabad.

This programme discusses AI methods based in different fields, including neural networks, signal processing, control, and data mining, in order to present a unified treatment of machine learning problems and solutions.

Our Vision

Our Mission

  • To provide high quality technical education to students that will enable life-long learning and build expertise in advanced technologies in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • To promote research and development by providing opportunities to solve complex engineering problems in collaboration with industry and government agencies.
  • To encourage professional development of students that will inculcate ethical values and leadership skills while working with the community to address societal issues.
Prof. Rambabu Mudusu

Prof. Rambabu Mudusu

Associate Professor & HoD

Prof. Rambabu Mudusu has 15 years of teaching experience and 5 years of Research experience, currently working as an Associate Professor, Department of CSE-AI&ML at K G Reddy College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad. He is Pursuing Ph.D. from National Institute of Technology (NIT)-GOA, in the area of Image Processing using Deep Learning Techniques. He Published 22 papers, among them 6 research articles published in SCOPUS indexed journals and conferences. He has Attended 8 Conferences, 2 Papers honoured as best papers certificate. He has honoured as Best Researcher Award. He is the Certified Member from Microsoft.NET framework and Coursera on AI.

HOD Message:

It’s evident that the Department of Computer Science and Engineering – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology, is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and innovative educational experience for KGR Students. The commitment to imparting high-quality technical education, combined with a focus on experiential learning opportunities, projects, research, and internships, underscores the department’s dedication to preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century.

The emphasis on hands-on training, interdisciplinary collaboration, and participation in technical competitions and hackathons reflects a proactive approach towards grooming students to become well-rounded professionals in the field of AIML. Additionally, the diverse range of research areas covered by the department, including Algorithms, Image Processing, Data Mining, Data Analytics and Computer Security, ensures that students are exposed to the latest developments and advancements in the field.

Moreover, the supportive and collaborative environment fostered by the faculty, staff, and students contributes to the overall success of the department. By encouraging teamwork, mutual support, and a belief in each other’s abilities, the department is creating a conductive atmosphere for learning and innovation.

The department’s vision to become one of the best institutions in Telangana and India is commendable, and it’s evident that they are well-prepared to face the challenges of the digital era head-on. Overall, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at KGRCET appears to be a dynamic and forward-thinking institution that is dedicated to shaping the future of the students with AIML education and research.

Prof. Rambabu Mudusu
Prof. Rambabu Mudusu

HoD & Associate Professor

Maithili CSM
Dr Maithili

Associate Professor

Dev Das CSE
Mr. Dev Das

Assistant Professor

Naveen Raj CSM
Mr Naveen Raja S M

Assistant Professor

Rajyalakshmi CSE
Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi

Assistant Professor

Ms. Priyanka Malviya

Assistant Professor

Yerragudipadu Subbarayudu
Mr. Yerragudipadu Subbarayudu

Assistant Professor

Asif Ali Khan
Mr. Asif Ali Khan

Assistant Professor

M Seshma
Mrs. Mandava Seshma Chowdary

Assistant Professor

Students Achievement:

  • Total 5 students from II- year have completed the Coding Ninjas course on Creating First Game using Java Script   
  • II-year Shaik Maaz Uddin and III-year  MaulikThummar have attended a workshop by Coding Ninjas on Python Hacking Champion
  • II-year Heerakar Manogna has completed National level quiz on “SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN” organized by Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of engineering and technology.
  •  III- year student Maulik Thummar has completed the Basics of Machine  Learning which was organized by Great Learning
  • II-year Anu Ramisetty has achieved the best Rotaractor of the Rotaract club of new age Engineers 
  • III-year Jayavaram Rakesh successfully  completed his      7-day work shop on Business Funnel Analytics & experimentation techniques
  • III-year students Maulik Thummar ,G.Yuvraj Singh ,Tanzeem Mallick have actively participated in the Youth Parliament which was held in KG reddy college of Engineering and Technology .
  • III-year vinaykumar has successfully completed supervised machine learning and advanced learning algorithms and has attended the International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Data Engineering.
  • III-year Kopisetty Praveen Vardhan Raju has successfully completed advanced learning algorithms ,courses of machine learning ,unsupervised learning recommenders, reinforcement  learning supervised machine learning and project management essentials .
  • III- year Sai Bhargav Bodapati  has successfully completed three courses of machine learning and has been appointed as the executive trainer of the district organization of Rotaract for the year 2023-24 
  • III-year Cheparthy Naveen Kumar has successfully completed Artifical Intelligence With Machine Learning.
  • III-year Erusalagandi Vivek Chary has successfully completed  course Deep Learning and Artifical intelligence with Machine learning.
  • III-year Dadvaiah Pavan has successfully completed course on supervised machine learning and advanced learning algorithms.
  • II-year Papineni Divya has successfully completed workshop on Learn to build a to-do list and Become proficient in trees.
  • Total 5 students are selected as Innovation Interns in KGR Innovation Cell for the Academic year 2022-23
  • Our III year student Vinay Kumar completed coursera course on  “AI for everyone” .
  • Our II year student MOKA ABHISHAKTH participated in Megathon 2022.
  • Total 40 students from III year have completed the oracle academy course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning with Java  in association with TASK.
  • Our students (Maulik thummar, Harsha vardhan,Yuvrajsingh and Arshiya begum) developed a software to generate a certificates and a newsletter automatically under the guidance of K.RAMA KRISHNA REDDY,AssistantProfessor,CSE Department.
  • Total 12 students participated in Project Expo at KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology.
  •  Total 32 students participated in a Guest lecture on Blockchain at KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology.
  • Total 45 students participated in ONE DAY WORKSHOP ON DEVOPS at KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology.
  •  Total 11 students participated in YOUTH PARLIAMENT at KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology.
  • Total 62 Students participated in Technical Workshop on “How to Create Barcode using Python ” which was organized by AI Cub,Department of AI &ML in association with EducateNXT,Hyderabad.

Faculty Achievements:

  • Dr.SivaShankar.s has successfully presented the paper entitled “Evaluating the solutions to predict the impact of lung cancer with an advanced intelligent computing method”
  • Dr.K.Maithili has attended the “Tenth International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE 2023) held at Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering,Mysuru in association with Indo Universal Collaboration for Engineering Education(IUCEE) from January 5 to 8,2023 and also participated in ion idea sponsored workshop on ion Education ERP Solutions.
  • Dr. Siva Shankar S, has given Guest Lecture on Intellectual Property Rights to K.B.N College (Autonomous), Kothapeta, Vijayawada on 31st Dec 2022.
  • Dr. K,Maithili has attended a “Faculty Induction Program-11” which was conducted by UGC-HRDC-JNTUH from 21.11.2022 to 21.12.2022.
  • Ms Sowjanya Ramisetty has attended a ATAL Faculty Development Programme on ” Drone Imaging & AI/ML Tool for Improving Decision Making in Agriculture Applications ”  to be conducted from 05-12-2022 to 10-12.2022 (Online) and 12-12-2022 to 16-12-2022(Offline).
  • Mr Naveen Raja S M is admitted to Ph.DProgramme at Noorul Islam Center for Higher Education on 14th Dec,2022.
  • Mr.Surendhar Soundararajan has completed the Coding Ninjas course on “Creating First Game using Java Script”. 
  • Mr.Surendhar Soundararajan has participated in the Two Day Faculty Development Program on “CYBER SECURITY” on 2nd& 3rd December 2022 at JNTUH.
  • Dr.Siva Shankar S published book as co-author titled “Object Oriented Software Engineering”, GCS Publishers, India, Dec 2022
  • Dr.Siva Shankar S published book as co-author titled “Data Analytics”, GCS Publishers, India, Dec 2022.
  • Prof.SowjanyaRamisetty, Associate Professor has published a paper on ” Energy Efficient Unequal Fault Tolerance Clustering Approach ” in the Journal of Computer Systems Science & Engineering.
  • Prof.SowjanyaRamisetty, Associate Professor participated in the AICTE recognized FDP on open source Technologies conducted by the Computer Science and Engineering department at SNIST,Hyderabad.
  • Prof. Naveen Raja S M ,Assistant Professor completed a Great Learning course on Python fundamentals for beginners.
  •  Dr. S. Siva Shankar Associate Professor has Published “A detailed study on Applications of IOT in Higher Education System” in the Journal of Neuro Quantology.
  • Dr.K.Maithili, Associate Professor has Published “Epilepsy seizure Feature Extraction using Discrete Wavelet Transform for Healthcare Application” in the Journal of Neuro Quantology.
  • Dr.K.Maithili, Associate Professor has published a paper on ” Stage-Wise Categorization and Prediction of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Ensemble Learning and 2D-CNN” in the Journal of Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing.

MoUs are signed by the department/Institution with Academia or Industry for Academic, Research and student training. Currently, the department of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning has MoUs with 9 different agencies/organizations and details are as follows:

  • Navrik Software Solutions
  • EducateNXT
  • Andura Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Pactolus Edutech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kalinga Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bias IT Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • Advit Software & Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sesillis Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • ScrapQ IT Hub Pvt. Ltd.
  • Syscon Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Bomotix Pvt. Ltd.

Board of Studies

S.No Name of the BOS


Designation Organization Position  in BOS
1 Prof. Rambabu Mudusu Associate Prof, HOD- CSE(AI & ML) KGRCET Chairman
The entire faculty of each specialization
2 Dr  Maithili Associate Professor, Dept of CSE(AI & ML) KGRCET Member
3 Mr. Naveen Assistant Professor, CSE(AI & ML) KGRCET Member
4 Mr. Devdas Assistant Professor, CSE(AI & ML) KGRCET Member
5 Mrs Rajya Lakshmi Assistant Professor, CSE(AI & ML) KGRCET Member
6 Mr. Y Subbarayudu Assistant Professor, CSE(AI & ML) KGRCET Member
 Two subject experts from outside the parent University to be nominated by the Academic Council (AC)
10 Dr. P. Radhakrishna Professor,

Department of CSE

National Institute of Technology Warangal

(NIT Warangal)

Warangal, India

Nominated by 

Academic Council

11 Dr. M.V.N.K.


Associate Professor, Department of  CSE IDRBT Hyderabad,



Nominated by 

Academic Council

One expert to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor from a panel of six recommended by the college principal
12 Dr Vijaya Kumari Professor,  Department of CSE JNTUH Hyderabad India  Nominated by the 


One representative from industry/corporate sector/allied area relating to placement
13 Mr. Srinivas Kongara Infosys, Program Manager


Leading R&D Division

Industry expert

Nominated by 


One postgraduate meritorious alumnus to be nominated by the principal. The Chairman, Board of Studies
14 Mr. Chaitanya Alumni (B .Tech) KGRCET Nominated by 

Principal/ HoD

Program Assessment Committee (PAC)

S. No Name of faculty Designation Position Parent organization
1. Prof. Rambabu Mudusu HOD Chairman KGRCET
2. Ms Priyanka Assistant professor Coordinator KGRCET
3. Mr. Y Subbarayudu Assistant professor Member (IV-Module Coordinator) KGRCET
4. Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi Assistant professor Member (III-Module Coordinator) KGRCET
5. Mr. Naveen Assistant professor Member (II-Module Coordinator) KGRCET

Department Development Committee (DDC)                                                                                                                                                              

Sl. No Name of faculty Position Responsibility
1. Prof. Rambabu Mudusu


2. Mr. Naveen Coordinator Regular Course work
3. Dr Maithili Member Research Work/Project work
4. Mr. Devdas Member Admin Files
5. Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi Member Academic Work
6. Mr. Y Subbarayudu Member Laboratories
7. Ms. Priyanka Member Extra-curricular Activities

Finance Committee (FC) 

S. No Name of the faculty Position Responsibilities
1. Prof. Rambabu Mudusu Chairman
2. Mr. Devdas Coordinator Budget and Expenditure Preparation
3. Mr. Naveen Member Laboratory equipment, Software and Consumables
4. Mr. Y Subbarayudu Member R&D, Training and Travel
5. Dr. Maithili Member Maintenance and spares

Project Review Committee (PRC)

Sl. No Name of the Faculty Designation  Position
1 Prof. Rambabu Mudusu Associate Professor Chairman
2 Dr. Maithili Associate Professor Coordinator
3 Mr. Naveen Associate Professor Member
4 Mr. Devdas Assistant Professor Member
5 Mrs. Rajya Lakshmi Assistant Professor Member
6 Mr. Y Subbarayudu Assistant Professor Member
7 Ms. Priyanka Assistant Professor Member

Certificate Course

Courses in Computer Science and Engineering vary greatly in nature. Some are studied online, and some are presented in a classroom. Many courses lead to a certificate at their completion, which can be helpful when looking for a job. Whether students are new to the world of information technology, or are seeking to advance in your existing career, completing a course can only enhance student’s options. Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) professionals may select from a wide variety of non-degree computer science certifications to demonstrate their competence in a specialty, learn valuable skills, and advance their careers. A computer science and engineering certification validates a professional’s technical knowledge and experience with specific products, methods, or practices. Roles within the computer science industry that may require certification include systems engineer, security manager, network administrator, software developer, and project manager. Because these high-paying roles involve using technical expertise to manage and protect essential operations and sensitive data, employers value — and often require — proven credentials.

Computer science certifications ask candidates to pass one or more tests. In preparing to pass these credentialing exams, professionals gain and practice certain skills. Many professionals value the process of preparing for these tests since they gain knowledge they can apply in their jobs and use to advance their careers. This course at the Best ML and AI Engineering College is a forum to bring together students to discuss innovative ideas and diverse topics of this course on next generation of information technologies. Department has taken a new step for students to improve the quality of study through this course and become most wide scale , extensive, spectacular event in computer science engineering.

Objective of Certificate Course

In the field of Computer Science and Engineering, a student’s set of skills must constantly be updated and expanded. Programming languages fluctuate in popularity from year to year, and new advances are made in networking and security technology. The completion of a short course or certificate program demonstrates knowledge of the latest tools and concepts, and can lend a distinct advantage in a competitive job market. Computer Science and Engineering courses are offered at KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology – renowned as the Best Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Engineering College in Hyderabad. It is easy to find appropriate courses in area of interest. Students can choose from specialized topics including programming languages, networking, computer security, and multimedia development, Artificial Intelligent, cloud computing, Machine Learning etc. These courses of study can often be taken individually; other times, they are offered in conjunction with a degree program.

Scope of the Course

Depending upon the interest the career in IT can be chosen. Those who love programming and coding can do software engineering and those who prefer networking and system administration, can do hardware engineering. IT sector is quite broad in terms of employment and job options. Roles are varieties for Computer engineers in IT sector, but their primary role is to apply the knowledge of mathematics and science to design and develop software to be used by clients or users. There are network engineers, system management professionals besides the computer engineers. Computer software engineers have bright career prospects as the application of software and dependency on it in various walks of life are increasing. After completion of certificate course at Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning engineering college, they can gain much more knowledge based on latest technology which are available in IT sector. Thus it helps to them to make their bright carrier in different directions such as (a) an software engineer, (b) Researcher, (c) great academician, (d) make own software industry, (e) system administration etc.

S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended No. of Students Appeared Examination No. of Students Passed Academic Year
1  Python for Data Science & Hackathon 26-09-2023 to 26-09-2023 118 118 118 2023-24
2 UiPath – Robotic Process Management 17-04-2023 to 03-05-2023 118 118 118 2022-23
3 Full Stack on Python Programming 15-11-2022 to 07-01-2023 73 73 73 2022-23
4 Advanced C Programming 20-07-19 to
66 66 66 2019-20
5 Internet of Things (IOT) 11-02-2019 to
101 101 101 2018-19
6 Microsoft Technical Associate Database Fundamentals (MTA DBF) 27-08-18 to
96 96 96 2018-19
7 Web Design 15-02-18 to
96 96 96 2017-18
8 Cloud Computing & Security 08-01-18 to
86 86 86 2017-18
9 Database Programming with SQL 30-10-17 to
109 109 109 2017-18


  • Teaching and Learning Activities in Classroom
CSE AIML Activities
2022 – 2023 Placements  
SL.NO Roll number Name Company
1 19QM1A0598 Shivani Gupta Nitro network
2 19QM1A0530 Gaddam Deepika Quadrant Resource
3 19QM1A0586 Sumanth Pagadala Atomstate
4 19QM1A0516 Darga Shivani TCS
5 19QM1A05A9 Jaisingh.
6 19QM1A0557 Tarun Kotagiri. Lomos
7 19QM1A0548 K Sravanthi Quadrant Resource
8 19QM1A0538 Govindagari Shiva Prasad Reddy Quadrant Resource
9 19QM1A0540 Hrushinath Gunda Bot Defence Infotech solutions
10 19QM1A0550 Kankanala Harshini Quadrant Resource
11 19QM1A0517 Karthik Dasari Turing Minds
12 19QM1A0533 Garlapati Nikil Bot Defence Infotech solutions
13 19QM1A0541 Gunja Jyothi Sri Katyayani Advertising
14 19QM1A05A0 Swapnil Choudhary Adqura
15 19QM1A0590 Pochaboyina Bhavani Bot Defence Infotech solutions
16 19QM1A0599 Sriramoju Anjali Quadrant Resource
17 19QM1A05A3 Mahesh Babu Turing Minds
18 19QM1A0523 Maharaj Donakanti Bot Defence Infotech solutions
19 19QM1A0542 Gurram Sowmya Turing Minds
20 19QM1A0537 Gundla Durga Prasad. Vinex Innovations
21 19QM1A0578 Molihati Vamshi Quadrant Resource
22 19QM1A0528 Eruku Sneha Bot Defence Infotech solutions
23 19QM1A05B0 V Chandar Reddy Quadrant Resource
24 19J11A0513 Mittapally Srikanth Vinex Innovations
25 19QM1A0545 Jangam Rajkumar Quadrant Resource
26 19QM1A0547 Pravalika Koninti Bot Defence Infotech solutions
27 19QM1A0583 Nishad Unnisa Planet spark
28 19QM1A0549 Kandakatla Anushreddy Vinex Innovations
29 19QM1A0592 Ramarthi Akshaya Quadrant Resource
30 19QM1A0579 Mula Samitha Goud Bot Defence Infotech solutions
31 19QM1A0573 Mohammad Wazahathulla Baig Addod
32 19QM1A0574 Mohammed Abdul Hadi Addod
33 19QM1A0568 Mannepally Bhavyasree Vinex Innovations
34 19QM1A0563 Malupati Shreya Planet spark
35 19QM1A0554 Konduru Jyosthna Adqura
36 19QM1A05A2 Taidala Lakshmi Kanth Quadrant Resource
37 19QM1A0581 Nallamadhi Sai Priya Quadrant Resource
38 19QM1A0571 Mettu Ramya Vinex Innovations
39 19QM1A0536 Gorijavolu Harshavardhani Bot Defence Infotech solutions
40 19QM1A0539 G.Bharatwaj Gudiboina Vinex Innovations
41 20QM5A0506 Kasani Swathi Quadrant Resource
42 20QM5A0505 H Raju Goud Addod
43 19QM1A0535 G. Vishvas Reddy BYJU’S
44 18QM1A0558 M Pranay Kumar Caliber technologies
45 19QM1A0529 G Manasa Quadrant Resource
46 19QM1A0520 Ashrith Kumar Nitro network
47 19QM1A0576 Mohammed Taufiq Ur Rehman Quadrant Resource
48 19QM1A0552 Katne Shruthi. Vinex Innovations
49 19QM1A0543 I. Prathik BYJU’S
50 19QM1A0501 Aluru Sumanth Addod
51 19QM1A05B4 Yash Chandan Quadrant Resource
52 20QM5A0501 Banoth Pavan Quadrant Resource
53 19QM1A0558 Kothagadi Sravya Reddy BYJU’S
54 19QM1A0562 Malge Shubham Pentagon Space Pvt Ltd
55 20QM5A0507 Konda Sai Madhav Intellipat
56 19QM1A0595 Sai Manideep Kodithyala Quadrant Resource
57 19QM1A0503 Annavarapu Vvs Gangadhar Bot Defence Infotech solutions
58 19QM1A0589 Pobbathi Hepsibha Quadrant Resource
59 19QM1A0582 Nallangi Shireesha Quadrant Resource
60 19QM1A0575 Mohammed Aftab Addod
61 19QM1A05A4 Tehniyath Tanzeem Addod
62 20QM5A0512 Kankanala Shravan Kumar Quadrant Resource
63 19QM1A0532 Gaddmidi Vamshidar Reddy Quadrant Resource
64 19QM1A0507 Bikkina Damodhara Hari Addod
65 19QM1A0508 Buchanpally Swathi Addod
66 19QM1A0577 Mohd Abdul Muqeem Quadrant Resource
67 18QM1A0575 P Saicharan Reddy Caliber technologies
68 18QM1A05A2 Syed Ahmed Hussain Caliber technologies
69 19QM1A05B3 Vombravalli Shankar Quadrant Resource
70 18QM1A05B0 Turaka Venkata Mounik Caliber technologies
71 20QM5A0510 Sriramulu Nivas Planet spark
72 20QM5A0503 Erra Parushuram Addod
73 20QM5A0504 Gaadhamshetti Rakesh Addod
74 19QM1A0526 Ekke Sai Kiran Intellipat
75 19QM1A05A1 Tadoori Bharath Addod
76 20QM5A0502 Barkam Karunakar Addod
77 18QM1A0548 K Anand Vardhan Caliber technologies
78 19QM1A0597 Sheik Tasleem Khatoon Quadrant Resource
79 19QM1A0504 Arif Khan Addod
80 19QM1A0546 Janumula Maadhaov Quadrant Resource
81 19QM1A0572 Minnakanti Saiteja Quadrant Resource
82 19QM1A0510 Chinthamani Ritesh Singh Addod
83 19QM1A0511 Chirala Vamsi Addod
84 20QM5A0509 Shaik Karishma Banu Planet spark
85 19J11A0505 Devarakonda Renuka Caliber technologies
86 19QM1A0566 Mane Lakshmi Prasanna Vinex Innovations
87 19QM1A0564 Mamidi Pally Maheshwar Reddy Addod
88 19QM1A0565 Mandapuram Rahul Addod
89 18QM1A0546 J Jahnavi Caliber technologies
90 19QM1A0512 Chitturi Hemalatha Vinex Innovations
91 19QM1A05A6 Thakur Lakhan Singh Addod
92 19QM1A05A8 Turpu Mahender Reddy Planet spark
93 19QM1A0584 P Srinivas Koundinya Quadrant Resource
94 19QM1A05A5 Thakur Karthik Singh Addod
95 19QM1A0515 Darga Pravalika Quadrant Resource
96 19QM1A0591 Puntala Sushma. Vinex Innovations
97 19QM1A05B1 Vadala Snehitha Reddy Quadrant Resource
98 19QM1A0502 Aman Rajesh Singh Thakur Addod
99 19QM1A0585 Putta Venkatalakshmi. Vinex Innovations
100 19QM1A0594 Rao Asrith Quadrant Resource
101 19QM1A05B2 Velpula Srikanth Yadav Quadrant Resource
102 18QM1A05A9 T Amruth Reddy Caliber technologies
103 19QM1A05A6 Thakur Lakhan Singh Quadrant Resource
104 20QM5A0508 Pasham Bhargavi Planet spark
105 19QM1A0556 Saikiran Kota Bot Defence Infotech solutions
106 19QM1A0587 Panchumart Hi Abhinav Sai Choudary Quadrant Resource


1 18QM1A05A1. Sushanth Babu Tammali MS Cardiff Metroplitian University
2 19QM1A0584 Srinivas Koundinya MS University Of Alabama at Birmingham
3 19QM1A0566 M.Lakshmi Prasanna M.Tech Vasavi College of Engineering
4 20QM5A0501 B.Pavan M.Tech University College of Engineering
5 19QM1A0517 Dasari Karthik M.Tech JNTUH University College of Engineering
6 19QM1A0572 Sai Teja Mannakanti M.S University of North America 


Entrepreneurship details
Roll Number Name Of The Student   Mobile E-Mail ID Name of the company Established Year Registered Year
19QM1A0557 Kotagari Tarun  7032611447 Trinefly Private Limited 2022 2023


2021 – 2022 Placements  

SL.NO Roll number Name of the student Company
1 18QM1A0512 Shailaja Badhagowni Caliber technologies
2 18QM1A0593 S. Hanish IICL
3 18QM1A0501 A Amar Sai Reddy Caliber technologies
4 18QM1A0519 Chilam Anucharitha Reddy Addod
5 18QM1A0585 R Soundarya Bright champs
6 18QM1A0530 Gaddameedi Sandhya Harman
7 18QM1A0533 G. Keerthi Infosys
8 18QM1A0534 Godha Rajitha Turing minds
9 18QM1A0538 G. Akhilesh Addod
10 18QM1A0577 Pedda Kurva Sai Capgemini
11 18QM1A0587 Ramavath Vamshi Pentagonspace
12 19QM50509 Akhiluddin Mohammad Tcs
13 18QM1A0562 Malgari Ravali Reddy Turing minds
14 18QM1A0578 Piske Amulya Addod
15 19QM5A0512 Suddyreddy Vamshidhar Reddy Bright champs
16 18QM1A05A7 Thanniru Ankam Raju Addod
17 19QM5A0507 Mandapalli. Sadhana Harman
18 18QM1A0542 Guttula Lokesh Hexaware
19 18QM1A0564 Akhila Adp
20 18QM1A0561 Madhuri Sirilal Addod
21 18QM1A05B8 Y. Harish Caliber technologies
22 18QM1A0507 Amula Pavan Kumar Hexaware
23 18QM1A0583 R Mounika Bright champs
24 18QM1A0522 Dusa Shiva Teja Addod
25 18QM1A0513 B. Vineela Addod
26 18QM1A0505 Akash Makane Hexaware
27 18QM1A05B7 Yakara Ashwini Harman
28 18QM1A0582 Pyarasani Jyotsna Bright champs
29 18QM1A0590 S. Geetha Saranya Addod
30 18QM1A0511 Ashwini Naveen Kumar Hexaware
31 18QM1A05B4 Vineela S Turing minds
32 18QM1A0541 Sharon Cdk global
33 18QM1A0515 B. Thirumala Hruday Addod
34 18QM1A0508 Appala Ravi Teja Caliber technologies
35 19QM5A0503 Devarakonda Sanath Kumar Harman
36 18QM1A05B2 Vadari Dhruva Addod
37 18QM1A0549 Kaushik Tiwari Adp
38 18QM1A0584 Sairam Hexaware
39 18QM1A0581 Pusthakala Divya Infosys
40 18QM1A0514 Bosle Priyanka Iopex
41 18QM1A0599 Surakanti Ruchita Reddy Kfintech
42 18QM1A0545 Joga Kalyan Hexaware
43 18QM1A0579 P.Vinay Kumar Tcs
44 18QM1A0504 Akarapu Maniraju Hexaware
45 18QM1A05A1 Sushanth Babu Tammali Revature
46 19QM5A0501 Chinthala Aparna Addod
47 18QM1A0526 G.Meghna Reddy Tcs
48 18QM1A0521 Abhinav Packet preb  (qualit labs)
49 18QM1A05B9 Sai Satya Tcs
50 18QM1A0554 Kesari Madhuri Addod
51 18QM1A0506 Alluri Ashish Vardhan Bright champs
52 18QM1A0589 Rotikadi Swathi Caliber technologies
53 18QM1A0503 A Mary Shylu Turing minds
54 18QM1A0596 Anusha Yadav Wipro
55 18QM1A0595 Singanamoni Mohan Solugenix technologics
56 18QM1A0544 Jalagari Saikrishna Hexaware
57 19QM5A0506 K.Sai Kumar Tcs
58 18QM1A0536 Golla Srinivas Yadav Turing minds
59 18QM1A0594 Silvari Sairam Caliber technologies
60 18QM1A0516 Boja Yashoda Krishna Hexaware
61 18QM1A0517 Bokka Srinivas Reddy Addod
62 18QM1AO557 Kavya Sree Wipro
63 18QM1A0566 Mohammed Suhaibuddin Caliber technologies
64 18QM1A0528 Gaddam Jayanth Reddy Hexaware
65 18QM1A0540 Gudla Vinay Raj Addod
66 18QM1A0518 Keerthi Visudh ajivam
67 18QM1A0551 Kavali Praneeth Babu Hexaware
68 18QM1AO571 Madhusudhan Reddy Wipro
69 18QM1A0588 Rayyan Ahmed Caliber technologies
70 18QM1A05A3 T Mani Teja Addod
71 18QM1A0567 Anusha Mokila Packet preb  (qualit labs)
72 18QM1A0535 Gogikar Nikhil Visudh ajivam
73 18QM1A0552 Kesari Madhuri Addod
74 18QM1A0572 P Mukesh Yadav Caliber technologies
75 18QM1A0573 P Rakesh Reddy Addod
76 18QM1A0576 Patlolla Prerana Reddy Visudh ajivam
77 18QM1A0523 Eedammagari Sireesha Addod
78 18QM1A0524 Firas Rasheed Hexaware
79 18QM1A0569 Nimmala Rajeshwari Caliber technologies
80 18QM1A0531 Gandla Anusha Hexaware
81 18QM1A0537 Gongati Arun Kumar Reddy Addod
82 18QM1A0553 Tarun Reddy Visudh ajivam
83 18QM1A0574 Pashamoni Lavanya Caliber technologies
84 18QM1A05A8 Mahitha Thumma Turing minds
85 18QM1A05A5 Uttam Kumar Thatipamula Caliber technologies
86 18QM1A0556 Kukutla Sainishanth Reddy Addod
87 18QM1A0557 Kummari Kavya Sree Hexaware
88 18QM1A0559 Madabushi Saketh Addod
89 18QM1A0560 Maddala Sri Jana Sai Pavan Hexaware
90 18QM1A0532 Gangidi Harathi Turing minds
91 18QM1A0571 P Madhusudhan Reddy Caliber technologies
92 18QM1A0527 G S D Pranay Kumar Rao Visudh ajivam
93 18QM1A0555 K.Harani Turing minds
94 18QM1A0520 Chinmay Manas Hexaware
95 18QM1A0550 K Bhavani Turing minds
96 18QM1A0539 Gudise Anusha Addod
97 18QM1AO516 Yashoda Krishna Wipro


2020 – 21 Placements

SL.NO Roll number Name of the student Company
1 17QM1A0520 Raja Karthik Accenture
2 17QM1A0575 Rahul Renukuntla TCS
3 17QM1A0507 Arelly Sri Chaithanya Kumar Genpact
4 17QM1A0519 Chirag Keerthi Sree Infosys
5 17QMIA0545 Kadari Vasavi ADP
6 16M51A05B5 Faruk Monal Reliance Jio Mart
7 17QMA0591 Vallabhanenu Sai Nikitha DXC
8 17QM1A0514 Biradar Jaish Infosys
9 17QM1AO501 Bhanu Priya Infosys
10 17QM1A0589 Pavani V ADP
11 17QM1A0568 Kunal HCL
12 17QM1A0511 Nabi BYJU’S
13 17QM1A0559 Maharshi Reddy Cognizant
14 17M51A0555 Robin Singh Effiasoft
15 17QM1A0557 Madhu Mamidi Accenture
16 17QM1A0576 Soudamini Infosys
17 17QM1A0558 Krishna Sai Mangalagiri Infosys
18 17QM1A0569 P. Abhilash Reddy Multiplier AI Solutions
19 17QM1A0525 Danturi Harshitha Caliber technologies
20 16QM1A0552 Masanagudam Praveen Reddy Reliance Jio Mart
21 17L01A0503 Dugaputi Charan TK Chain
22 17QM1A0572 Puna Prachi Caliber technologies
23 17QM1A0587 Telugu Sai Vinay Cognizant
24 17QM1A0526 D. Vyshnavi DXC
25 17QM1A0577 Sama Vani ADP
26 17QM1A0579 Sappati Vasavi Caliber technologies
27 17QM1A0581 Shaik Altaf Hussain SS&C
28 17QM1A0582 Shankuri Harika Caliber technologies
29 17QMIA0503 Poojitha TCS
30 17QMIA0544 Kadari Roopesh ADP
31 17QM1A0523 Dontula Vivek TCS
32 17QM1A0528 G S Vaishnavi SS&C
33 17QM1A05B0 D Amardeep Reddy Wipro
34 17L01A0504 G Sai Renuka Virtusa
35 17L01A0505 Kaja Satya Surya Manikanta ADP
36 17L01A0507 Narkula Akhila Genpact
37 17L01A0509 Tokala Naga Sruthi ADP
38 17M51A0503 Ansar Fathima SS&C
39 17M51A0517 Farhin Parvin SS&C
40 17QM1A0556 M Manoj Kumar Caliber technologies
41 17M51A0536 Mohd Abdul Azeem Khan Virtusa
42 17M51A0538 Mohd Ubaid Mohiuddin ADP
43 17M51A0557 Samsunnesha Khatun Genpact
44 17M51A0566 Syed Moinuddin ADP
45 17QM1A0501 A Bhanu Priya SS&C
46 17QM1A0503 Adusumilli Naga Sai Poojitha SS&C
47 17QM1A0505 Akkaladevi Sandeep Wipro
48 17QM1A0509 Baddam Srujan Reddy Caliber technologies
49 17QM1A0515 Bokka Sai Kiran Reddy Wipro
50 17QM1A0516 Chanda Varun Raj Caliber technologies
51 17QM1A0518 Chintal Vijay Kumar ADP
52 17QM1A0521 Chityala Maheshwari ADP
53 17QM1A0522 D Keerthi Caliber technologies
54 17QM1A0580 Sarikonda Naveen Reddy Caliber technologies
55 17QM1A0527 Dyavarashetty Goutham SS&C
56 17QM1A0529 G Sai Pradhiksha ADP
57 17QM1A0530 Gaddam Shirisha Caliber technologies
58 17QM1A0532 Sudugu Supriya ADP
59 17QM1A0533 Gangala Yamini Caliber technologies
60 17QM1A0534 Gangavarapu Shanya Psalms ADP
61 17QM1A0541 Gundu Jalaja Reddy Caliber technologies
62 17QM1A0536 Gouravarapu Jayavenkatasai Gopi Aravind Caliber technologies
63 17QM1A0537 Gouse M D ADP
64 17QM1A0538 Gudguntla Naveen Kumar Caliber technologies
65 17QM1A0539 Ghanapuram Shekar Reddy Caliber technologies
66 17QM1A0540 Gundaveni Sai Charan Caliber technologies
67 17QM1A0535 Gedela Srujana ADP
68 17QM1A0542 Hrithik Singh Caliber technologies
69 17QM1A0544 Kadari Roopesh Caliber technologies
70 17QM1A0545 Kadari Vasavi ADP
71 17QM1A0546 Kalpaguri Vinay Kumar Gupta ADP
72 17QM1A0547 Kalwa Sai Charan Caliber technologies
73 17QM1A0549 Karsai Srisailam Yadav Caliber technologies
74 17QM1A0551 Kavya Dyasapally SS&C
75 17QM1A0554 Lalchand Gurjar ADP
76 17QM1A0555 Laxmi Venkata Lahari N ADP
77 17M51A0533 Manikanta Buthkur Wipro
78 17QM1A0560 Maregouni Priyanka Caliber technologies
79 17QM1A0562 Mettu Anusha Reddy SS&C
80 17QM1A0563 Mir Furqaan Ali Caliber technologies
81 17QM1A0570 Permishetty Yeshwanth Caliber technologies
82 17QM1A0332 Faizan Ali Swiflearn
83 17QM1A0573 R Prakash Reddy SS&C
84 17QM1A0574 Rameshwaram Satish Kumar ADP
85 17QM1A0513 B Pranavi DXC
86 17QM1A0550 Kotla Praneeth Reddy Kyndryl
87 17QM1A0567 Jameel Multiplier AI Solutions
88 17QM1A0502 Addisherla Poojashreni Virtusa
89 17QM1A0585 Sulge Nikitha ADP
90 17QM1A0583 Shubam Kumar Caliber technologies
91 17QM1A0586 Talatoti Charles Caliber technologies
92 17QM1A0504 Ajit Kulkarni ADP


1 17QM1A0530 GADDAM SHIRISHA MS New England College
2 17QM1A0534 GANGAVARAPU SHANYA PSALMS MTECH Chaitanya Bharathi Institute Of Technology
3 17QM1A0596 YEMPATHI AASHRITHA MTECH Mahindra University


Entrepreneurship details                                 
Roll Number Name Of The Student   Mobile E-Mail ID Name of the company Established Year Registered Year
16QM1A0501 Alluri J Sai Teja 9704075337 Kheruva 2019 2020
  • Department of CSE(AI&ML) have organized a guest lecture on “Reinforcement Learning” on 13 th September, 2023 . Speaker: Dr. G Uday Kiran Associate Professor, Department of CSE(AIML) BVRIT Hyderabad
  • Department of CSE(AI&ML) ) have organized a guest lecture on “AI in Cyber security” in association with TASK to CSE(AI&ML) students on 8th Nov,2023 Resource person Mr Krishna Chaitanya, CEO, Cyberensis Infosec, Hyderabad.
  • Department of CSE(AI&ML) have organized a guest lecture on “Understanding the Application Layer in Computer Networks” on 2nd December,2023 . Speaker: Dr. Raman Dugyala, Professor & Head CSE, CBIT Hyderabad
  • II and III B.Tech CSE(AI&ML) students visited NRSC, ISRO on 6th Oct,2023.The speaker interacted with the students and gave insights on how students pursuing Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can further become a significant contributor in the field of space technology and research.
  • One Day Workshop on IoT Using Aurdino & Raspberry Pi on 24th June, 2023 by E. Sravan Kumar, Dinesh Kumar Balki and K Sandeep Reddy 
  • Three Days Workshop on IoT Using Raspberry Pi from 14th to 16th Jan, 2023  by E. Sravan Kumar, Dinesh Kumar Balki and K Sandeep Reddy 
Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture
Guest Lecture
Python Hackathon
Fullstack of Python
Artificial Intelligence
Bottom up parsing in compiler design
Create Barcode using Python
Industrial Visit

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Rambabu Mudusu

Prof. Rambabu Mudusu

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