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Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Department of Management Studies is one of the vital departments in KGRCET that offers a two-year full time post-graduate (MBA) programme designed for graduates who wish to pursue their careers in Management.

The objective of this programme is to develop young aspirants into competent professional managers and bridge the gap in the industry by providing quality management professionals with strong technical skills and an acumen for managing a business, thus meeting the expectations of modern technology based industries. The Department of Management Studies enables students to acquire conceptual and interpersonal skills and tries to instill a sense of social purpose for managerial decision-making. It develops leadership capabilities in students by practicing a collaborative approach that involves inputs from various departments which gives the benefit of wider view and deeper understanding among them. This deep learning develops students and encourages them to act as change agents in organizations where they work. The Department of Management Studies of K G Reddy College of Engineering and Technology (KGRCET) offers a two year full time Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programme with around 60 students, with the approval of AICTE and affiliated to the JNTU, Hyderabad. The programme of this MBA College in Hyderabad comprises 4 Semesters. This programme aims to build managerial competence with a blend of theoretical foundation in Management and practical cases that enhance students to perform as effective managers and enable them to shoulder greater responsibilities as they move up the hierarchy.

We at KGRCET – the best MBA College in Hyderabad, nurture the desire to excel in performance without compromising on integrity, honesty and integrity are a part of pedagogical methods. These tools help students to develop themselves into top-quality decision makers through conceptual foundations, interpersonal skills and social skills. The students learn to think through managerial issues and are enabled to make decisions in complex, less-structured situations in holistic and multi-disciplinary perspectives to generate and evaluate alternatives and arrive at innovative solutions. Pedagogical methods such as In-class discussions, group discussions, presentations, field research and project work prepare the students to meet the challenges of the managerial profession. Different co-curricular and extracurricular activities are frequently organized by the students to enrich their organizing abilities, nurture their leadership qualities and re-orient their skills.

The Department of Management Studies (DMS) has been organizing State Level Seminars/Management fests to help students in developing an integrated view towards Management. The students of this MBA College are evaluated continuously on various dimensions. Learning is facilitated through a mix of classroom teaching, seminars, case studies, industry internship, interaction with industry and society, simulations, games, quizzes, group discussions, etc. the department has committed, excellent faculty which is one of the core competencies of the Institution.


The Department of Management Studies includes eminent academicians and intellectuals with academic and industry experience. Many faculty members are pursuing their careers in research .


The Department has 400 Titles and around 2000 books in the Central Library for MBA courses during the short time. The Department has subscribed with 10 National and International Magazines and also 20 National and International Journals. The Department of Management Studies also maintains around 300 Books exclusively in the Departmental Library for Student’s reference.

Preparatory Classes:

Students hail from diverse Educational Backgrounds, to enable a smooth transition for them the Department of Management Studies offers a two week preparatory course to help them get acquainted with the new environment, community and teaching style at KGRCET. The preparatory classes are Rigorous with modules covering Introduction to Management, Quantitative Methods, Accounting, Information technology and Soft skills. The experience from the preparatory course helps the students cope up with regular course work.

Guest Lectures:

Guest lectures by industry professionals are a regular feature of the program that are designed to provide good exposure and feel of the corporate environment to the students.

Industrial Visits

Industrial visits are organized by this MBA College in Hyderabad frequently that foster practical exposure of students to the industry and provide opportunity to interact with employees of different managerial levels.

Project Work:

Is an attempt to bridge the gap between the academic institutions and the corporate world. It provides an opportunity for the students to experience the corporate environment and practically apply classroom learning with real life situations in the organizations. This project work is keenly monitored by the Project Review Committee (PRC).  The project will have to be undertaken during Semester II (Internship) and the Semester IV ( Major Project Work).


This MBA College in Hyderabad has a well Established Placement cell to cater to the needs of successful students for Projects, Internships and Placements.

Adjunct Faculty:

The Department of Management Studies has adjunct faculty from premier institutes across the country and former employees from senior level managerial positions of reputed companies for teaching post graduate students in their respective fields of expertise. Students benefit from the expertise as they get a practical insight into industry and its related needs.

Our Vision

  • To achieve academic excellence by grooming students as future leaders having concern for business ethics and values.

Program Outcomes

PO 1 : Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.
Dr. Venkata Ramana

Dr. T Venkata Ramana

HoD & Associate Professor
+91 8341597248

Dr. T. Venkata Ramana is currently the Head & Associate Professor at the Department of MBA at KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology. He was previously the Incharge Head of the Department of MBA at KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology. He has also served as an Assistant Professor at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology, Chittoor, KLM College of Engineering and Technology for Women, Kadapa, and Madina Engineering College, Kadapa.

Dr. Ramana has strong knowledge in NAAC & NBA works and has completed the Innovation Ambassador Training Programme organized by MoE’s Innovation Cell & AICTE. He was awarded a Ph.D. in Management from Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa, for his thesis on the role of emotional intelligence on individual employee behavior in the IT sector in India.

Dr. Ramana is a lifetime member of the All India Management Association, Commerce and Management Association, and Indian Society for Technical Education. He has completed several induction programs and refresher courses related to teaching and research methodologies. He is also a research reviewer for Human Systems Management and Journal of Business Strategy, Finance, and Management. He has expertise in various statistical packages and has experience in teaching subjects related to management, organizational behavior, and human resource management.

HOD’S Message

In the competitive business world change is occurring at an accelerating rate. Today is not like yesterday and tomorrow will be different from today. Liberalization, Privatisation, globalization and technological advances have given rise to endless opportunities in business. World has become a small global village with increased connectivity and ever improving communication technologies. Leaders who must plot the future of their companies are challenged to find a path that makes sense. To cope up with the dynamic, everchanging business environment a formal management degree has become a prerequisite for one who is aspiring to pursue a career in business and to be successful in it.

The MBA programme has been one of the best for the students who want to pursue their dreams in the field of business management. This MBA College in Hyderabad has well established entrepreneur development cell and also a business incubator funded by MSME.

Dr. Venkata Ramana
Dr.Venata Ramana
HoD & Associate Professor
+91 8341597248
Chandana MBA
Mrs. Ch Chandana
Assistant Professor
+91 9666677922
Ganesh MBA
Mr. L Ganesh
Assistant Professor
+91 9182633022
Dr. MRS Suryanarayana Reddy MBA
Dr. M R S S N Reddy
Associate Professor
+91 9652006074
Babu MBA
Mr. Babu
Assistant Professor
+91 7095367414
Radha Reddy
Mrs. D. Radha
Assistant Professor
+91 9908971325
Dr. Sharath Sinha
Associate Professor
+91 1234567890
Ganesh MBA Lecturer
Mr. C. Ganesh
Assistant Professor
+91 9030773407
Karunakar MBA
Mr. Karunakar
Assistant Professor
+91 8555911089
Daniel Prabhakar
Mr. Daniel Prabhakar

Dean – Training & Placements
+91 9849166422

Ms. Rupa Amudalapally
Assistant Professor
Paramanand MBA
Mr. P Paramanand
Assistant Professor
+91 9948646438
1 Academic Calendar 2022-23 (II – Year)Academic Calendar for 2022-23
(I – Year) Academic Calendar for 2022-23
2 Time Tables 2022-23 I & II Year MBA Time Table 2022-23(I-SEM)

Board of Studies

Dr. Sukanya Metta, Associate Professor, KGRCET  Chair person
Dr. Sindhu, Professor, JNTUH, Hyderabad  JNTU Nominee 
Dr. V. Sudha, Professor, Osmania University, Hyderabad  External Member 
Dr. I. Lokanandha Reddy, Associate Professor, University of Hyderabad  External Member 
Mr. Veera Chappi, Senior Fellow – People & Culture, T Works, Hyderabad  External Member 
Dr. L. Srinivas Reddy, Professor, Aristotle PG College  External Member 
Dr. T. Venkata Ramana, Associate Professor, KGRCET  Internal Member 
Dr. MRS Surya Narayana Reddy, Associate Professor, KGRCET  Internal Member 
Mrs. D. Radha Kumari, Assistant Professor, KGRCET.  Internal Member 
10  Mr. D. Pramod Kumar, Alumni, KGRCET  External Member 

Research Proposal for A Two Day National Seminar(MIDWOC 2022)

S. No. Funding Agencies Received Amount
1 ICSSR 50,000/-
2 TICHE 25,000/-


Faculty Achievements

S. No. Name of The Faculty Achievement Details
1 Dr.Sukanya Metta Refresher course in Management
International Marketing
Marketing Analytics
2 Mrs Sameera Afroze Principles of HRM
Academic Writing
3 Mr. C Ganesh Book Revers Publication, Organisational Behavior


Student Achievements

S. No. Name of The Student  Achievement Details
1 P. Eshwar Won’s 2nd Prize in slow bike ride in National Business Quiz in Management Fest at Aristotle PG College, 2022
2 B. Kavitha Ist Prize in Rangoli
3 M. Siva Sankar Reddy
E. Supriya
Woned Ist Prize in National Business Quiz in Management Fest at Aristotle PG College , 2022
4 Ms. K. Nidhi Presented a paper on Customer Perception on Metro Rail Services in Hyderabad, NBA-TS National Seminar, 2019
5 Ms. B. Bhavana Presented a paper on Stress Management among IT employees in hyderabad, NBA-TS National Seminar, 2019
6 Ms. Nidhi First prize in HR Analytics, VJIT-Management Fest, 2018
7 Mr. John Samuel First prize in Ad-Making, VJIT-Management Fest, 2018
8 Ms. Prabhandha First prize in Ad-Selfie, VJIT-Management Fest, 2018


Program Assessment Committee (PAC)

S. No Name of faculty Designation Position Parent organization
1. DrSukanya Metta HOD-Associate Professor Chairperson KGRCET
2. Mr. K.santhosh Kumar Assistant professor Coordinator(II-Module Coordinator) KGRCET
3. Mrs.D.Radha Kumari Assistant professor Member(I-Module Coordinator) KGRCET

Department Development Committee (DDC)


Sl. No Name of faculty Designation Position Parent organization
1 Dr Sukanya Metta HOD -Associate Professor Chairperson KGRCET
2 Sameera Afroz Assistant professor Coordinator  KGRCET
3. Dr.T Venkata Ramana Associate  professor Member(PRC Coordinator) KGRCET
4. Dr.Surya 
Narayana Reddy
Associate  professor Member(Dean Admissions and Brand building) KGRCET
5 Mrs.D.Radha Kumari Assistant professor Member(I-Module Coordinator, FC ,communication and Exam branch ) KGRCET
6 Mr.N . Babu Assistant professor Member (DSA and T&P) KGRCET
7 Mr.C.Ganesh Assistant professor Member ( IQAC and CIST) KGRCET
8 Mr.K.Santhosh Kumar Assistant professor Member(II-Module Coordinator, PAC and CEED) KGRCET

Finance Committee (FC)         

S No Name of faculty Designation Position Parent organization
1 Dr.Sukanya Metta HOD-Associate Professor Chairperson  KGRCET
2 Mrs. D. Radha Kumari Assistant Professor Coordinator  KGRCET
3 Mr. K. Santhosh Kumar Assistant Professor Member  KGRCET

Project Review Committee (PRC)


S. No Name of faculty Designation Position Parent organization
1. DrSukanya Metta HoD-Associate Professor Chairperson (Overall functioning of PRC) KGRCET
2. Dr. T.Venklata Ramana Associate Professor Coordinator (Student Projects-Publications) KGRCET
3. Mrs.D.Radha Kumai Assistant Professor Member (Major Projects) KGRCET
4. Mr.K.Santhosh Kumar Assistant Professor Member (PBA) KGRCET
5. Mr.C.Ganesh Assistant Professor Member (Major Projects) KGRCET
Grand Casting MOU

Grand Casting

SV Industries MoU

SV Industries 

LED Chip Indus MoU

LED Chip Indus Pvt.LTD


Osmosys Software

The department has the following laboratories available:

  • Computer lab with 60 systems having MS Office.
  • Communication lab.

Certificate Course

The certificate course of Master of Business Administration is designed to provide students with a range of analytic, strategic and leadership skills which will prepare them for increasingly competitive careers in business management in the corporate and public sectors. These courses offer grounding in fundamental business areas such as accounting, finance, organizational behavior, economics, marketing and management. The department to cope with rapid organizational and technological change is developed through and understanding of organizational behavior, information systems and organizational change and development. The Certificate course was conducted by our College for the Knowledge Management related advantages. The certificate course would envisage the knowledge of soft skills which is considered as prime advantage along with the personality development related activities. The certificate course would enhance the self- development and the overall skills spectrum. The students who possess the certificate from this MBA College in Hyderabad would largely identified as a successful candidate and secure a job after the completion of the MBA studies. The course is forming a part and parcel of one’s life altogether.

Objective of Certificate Course

The Certificate Course is to help the students to give them utter confidence to face any eventualities to be faced by them both in the corporate life and in their personal life. Soft-skills and Personality Development are two eyes of an Individual to secure an immediate job. Corporate prefer only soft skill savvy.

Scope of the Course

The scope is that the students get a dream organization and a job of their choice as per their domain. But the Certificate Course on Soft skills conducted by our MBA College in Hyderabad would give them the utmost opportunity to strengthen their mental ability and to know the expectations of the corporate.

S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended No. of Students Appeared Examination No. of Students Passed Academic Year
1 Business Analytics 1.02.2023 t0 5.02.2023 35 35 35 2022-23
2 Research in Management Studies 18.07.2022 to 23.07.2023 2021-22
3 MS Office 28.10.2019 to 01.11.2019 30 30 30 2019-20
4 Taxation 04-02-2019 to
30 30 30 2018-19
5 Creative advertising and designing 20-03-18 to
43 43 43 2017-18
6 Skill development for effective organization performance 03-10-17 to
30 30 30 2017-18


Value Added Course

This course is a field which combines data, information technology, statistical analysis, quantitative methods and computer-based models into one. It has a wide range of application from customer relationship management, financial management, marketing, supply-chain management, human-resource management, pricing, etc. There is a huge demand in the market for project managers with big data expertise. Therefore, the department offers a value-added course on the same for the all year students to be well equipped with the skill and become employable. Department of Management offers Value Added Course in Data Analysis using Spreadsheet. The value-added course program is for duration of 30 hours. Increase the employability of the students and empower the students to take business decisions using spreadsheet. The course also aims to increase the technical and managerial skill of the students.

Objective of Value-Added Courses

It is essential for students to be not just equipped with subject knowledge but also have good aptitude skills (Numerical, Verbal and Logical reasoning ability). These skills are mandatory to clear competitive exams like IBPS, CAT, MAT, etc. Any company that approaches the college for campus recruitment first tests the aptitude level of the students and then proceeds with interview. Hence the department offers a value-added course on the same for the all year students.

Scope of Value-Added Courses

After completion of value-added course, students can able to create their bright future as following fields

  • International Trade Policy Advisor: The job responsibilities of an international trade policy advisor include communicating a foreign country’s business practices, rules and regulations to clients, tailoring the information according to the services offered by the client.
  • Global Management Consultant:Global management consultants work towards helping firms identify and establish successful operations in foreign markets. Their job responsibility also includes analysing the firm’s current operations status and suggesting improvements.
  • International Sales Manager: The job role of a sales manager requires them to maintain coordination within the sales team, ensuring that the sales targets are met effectively and within the stipulated amount of time, as well as promote products and services offered by the organisation by implementing efficient sales techniques. Sales managers are also responsible for the training and development of the sales team.
  • Business Development Manager: As a business development manager, you will be required to define the strategic goals of the organisation and negotiate business deals. You will also be expected to develop strategic goals with the organisation’s marketing and sales techniques, which will be instrumental in increasing the firm’s profits and revenues.
  • Global Marketing Manager:The job responsibilities of a global marketing manager include curating promotion campaigns for the company and the products or services it offers, developing global marketing strategies and conducting market research.
S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended Academic Year
1 Data Analytics 2022-23
2 Communication Skills 2022-23
3 Self Skills and Interview Skills 15-10-19 to
27 2019-20
4 Research in Management Studies 01-19
38 2018-19
5 Personality Development 01-19
38 2018-19
6 Personality Development 27-02-18 to
30 2017-18


The Department of Management Studies has many practices which enhance its strength and get unique recognition. Which are: 

  • Adoption of Innovative Teaching Pedagogies 
  • Research and Development activities 
  • Extra curricular and Intra Curricular activities 
  • Slow Learners and Advanced Learners
  • Mentor-Mentee Relations 
  • Project Based Assignment
  • Case Studies Based Education
  • Management Fest 
  • Food Fest 
  • Industrial Interactions
  • Industry – Institute Interaction
  • Internships
  • Industrial Visit

Contact Info

Dr. Venkata Ramana

Dr. T Venkata Ramana

HoD & Associate Professor
+91 8341597248