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Literature Club

Literature Club

Introduction :

A literature club is a haven for bibliophiles and literary enthusiasts to gather and immerse themselves in the world of words. It’s a sanctuary where members can explore a diverse range of literature, from classic novels to contemporary poetry, discussing themes, characters, and interpretations. In this nurturing environment, individuals share their love for reading, exchanging recommendations, insights, and perspectives. Whether it’s through lively discussions, engaging debates, or creative writing exercises, the literature club fosters a sense of camaraderie and intellectual curiosity among its members. Together, they embark on literary journeys, discovering new authors, uncovering hidden gems, and forging lasting friendships bound by the magic of storytelling.

The objective of a literature club is to foster a love for reading and appreciation for literature among its members. Through discussions, analyses, and sharing of literary works, the club aims to broaden members’ perspectives, enhance critical thinking skills, and encourage creativity. It provides a platform for individuals to explore diverse genres, authors, and literary movements, promoting intellectual growth and cultural understanding. Ultimately, the literature club seeks to create a supportive community where members can engage in meaningful conversations, develop their literary tastes, and cultivate a lifelong passion for reading and writing.

SCRIPT TO SCREEN : It is a Two – Days workshop 

Speaker Details: Nikhil Reddy 4th year from KG Reddy College is not just an expert in film making but also shot a short film in the college, Aarthik 2nd year one of us heads trying to share his views on film making, Lokesh 3rd year our vice presidents explained how it is important to know the structure of storytelling, Sheshank 3rd year shared his views on continuity details, different angles.

President Shifa Naaz CSE-AIML Third Year
Secretary Kavyashreni Dhulipudi CSE-DS Third Year
Treasurer Third Year
Head-Events Garvit Kucheria CSE Second Year
Head-Publicity Ayman Tawfiq CSE Second Year
Head-Social Media Pratyush Kumar Singh CSE Second Year
Head-Documentation Ishan Mishra CSE Second Year