EAMCET Counseling code: KGRH



Introduction :

KGRCET started a Dance Club with the name On The Beat to develop an understanding of the artistic and technical elements of physical expression where students can retain and enhance their own, individual skills in terms of twisting, sizzling and presenting their piece/work of art.

On The Beat can develop a career in dancing for those who have the passion. and also provide opportunities for healthful relaxation and recreation.

The objective of a dance club is to provide a vibrant and energetic environment where people can come together to enjoy music, socialize, and express themselves through dance. These clubs aim to create a welcoming atmosphere that promotes positivity, inclusivity, and a sense of community among patrons. Through curated playlists, dynamic lighting, and immersive experiences, dance clubs strive to elevate the nightlife scene by offering an escape from everyday life and fostering memorable moments for attendees. Whether it’s showcasing live performances, hosting themed events, or simply providing a space to let loose and unwind, the primary goal of a dance club is to facilitate enjoyment and celebration through the universal language of music and movement.

President Katemreddy Akhila Reddy CSE-AIML Third Year
Secretary Vaddi Likitha ECE Third Year
Treasurer Vaspula Vikas Babu CSE Third Year
Head-Events M Rajeshwar Reddy CSE-DS Second Year
Head-Publicity M Mounika CSE-DS Second Year
Head-Social Media S Yashwitha Civil Second Year
Head-Documentation Shravya Varma CSE Second Year