EAMCET Counseling code: KGRH



Introduction :

KGRCET Started Music Club with the name OCTAVES where can students and staff learn and participate in several musical activities. We believe in learning music as a Origin of our Indian culture. It offers practice spaces and an opportunity for students and staff to come together and discuss music; and a chance to perform and showcase their talents at events throughout the year.

The objective of our music club is to foster a vibrant community of music enthusiasts who come together to celebrate and explore various genres, artists, and musical cultures. Through regular meetings, discussions, and events, we aim to cultivate a welcoming environment where members can share their passion for music, discover new artists, and deepen their understanding of the art form. Our club seeks to promote musical diversity, creativity, and appreciation while providing opportunities for members to collaborate, perform, and showcase their talents. Ultimately, we strive to enrich the musical experiences of our members and contribute positively to the cultural fabric of our community.

President Racherla Srinivas Shashikanth CSE-AIML Third Year
Secretary Moka Abhishakth CSE-AIML Third Year
Treasurer Pratheek Gentila CSE-AIML Third Year
Head-Events Mahima Naidu ECE Second Year
Head-Publicity Phanitha Komaragiri CSE-DS Second Year
Head-Social Media Ashwini ECE Second Year
Head-Documentation Harshavardhini CSE Second Year