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Humanities & Sciences

Humanities & Sciences

About Department

The department of Humanities & Sciences (H&S) is being established in the year 2008 in KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology (KGRCET), the best college for basic sciences and humanities. It inculcates the basic knowledge of English, Engineering Physics/Applied Physics, Engineering Chemistry, and Mathematics, these subjects considered as the foundation of engineering education. It has very experience and qualified faculty members, among them few are holding Doctorate Degree in their respective subjects. Our department of Science and Humanities College provides strong foundation and offer interdisciplinary approach in the first year, which allows students to shape their course of study to their needs and interests while assuring breadth in their learning.

English is global language and a key for success and a basic requirement along with academics, to face this challenge we have well equipped language laboratory and well-trained faculty members who guide the students to learn and use English language as their medium of communication.

Mathematics is the king of sciences and technology and it is a base for all branches, Mathematics itself is a language to solve the problems by using formulas and equations, department provides guidance and explains the logical idea with the help of excellent faculty members. Department has Mat-Lab to make it more interesting and easier to learn. To solve the mystery of nature Physics plays a prominent role, department well equipped.

Laboratory and expert faculty to make the subject easy and enjoyable for learning. The study of Chemistry is a crucial in all manufacturing process where the transformation of one form of material into another, equally important. Study of Environmental Chemistry gives knowledge about saving the globe from pollution. Departments has well organized laboratory. Where students will learn and do experiments under the supervision of excellent faculty members.

Our Vision

  • To establish a strong foundation in basic sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, which in turn help the students to excel in their core engineering discipline and also train them to acquire proficiency in English language communication.

Program Outcomes


Dr. Madhusoodanan Nair M

Dean First Year
+91 9381151482

HOD Message

Welcome to K G Reddy College of Engineering &; Technology, Department of Humanities and Sciences (H&S). I am pleased to get connected to you and share my message this way.

The Department of Humanities & Science was established in the year 2008 with B.Tech of five branches an intake of 300 students and in this branch students learn the basic subjects of science and engineering for the academic year.

The Department has a rich curriculum and allied activities to provide a comprehensive education for B.Tech graduates. It prepares them to be technically well-off, to be critical thinkers, productive citizens, and leaders in a wide range of careers: government as well as an array of managerial options in the private sector. During their study, students complete rigorous programs of course work, participate in a variety of co-curricular programs.

The Department correlates with Five undergraduate programmes, namely Electronic and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering  and Mechanical Engineering. The Department has adequate academic and teaching staff. The mission of the Department is to produce the top quality education and to conduct leading-edge programmes. To this end, we, the college of basic sciences and humanities strive for excellence in teaching, training and career building.

My sincere thanks to all the faculty members and the students who contribute so much to the success of the department.

It remains a privilege to be head of the department with highly motivated and dedicated personnel, who are all prepared to go the extra mile.

Dr. Madhu Soodhan
Dr Madhu Soodhanan Nair
+91 9381151482
Mr. K. Uma Shankar
Assistant Professor
+91 9985113191
Dr. Madhulitha H & S
Dr. Madhulita Sundaray
Associate Professor
+91 9346336419
Ramesh H & S
Dr. Ramesh Kumar Gajula
Assistant Professor
+91 9963716070
Dr. Seshadri H & S
Dr. Seshadri
Assistant Professor
+91 9949787405
Dr. D. Gopal
Assistant Professor
+91 9000743101
Zareena Zameer H & S
Zareena Zameer
Assistant Professor
+91 9885423622
Pavan Chakravarthy H&S
Dr. Pavan Chakravarthy
Associate Professor
+91 9951243823
Dr. Durga Prasad Ravutla
Dr. Durga Prasad  Ravutla
Associate Professor
+91 8985671958
Dr. Kalyani H & S
Dr. Kalyani
Associate Professor
+91 7337576579
B Siddhartha Kripal Dev
Assistant Professor
+91 8500913228
Rajendra H & S
Mr. K Rajendra Parsad
Assistant Professor
+91 9581098961
A S Manju H & S
Mr. A S Manjur Ahmed
Assistant Professor
+91 9267129360
G Kavitha
Ms G Kavitha

Assistant Professor

Bhaskar H&S
Dr. S Baskar

Associate Professor

Mageshan H&S
Dr. P Magesan

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Seshadri H & S

Dr. Seshadri

Assistant Professor
+91 9949787405

Faculty achievements:

  • Dr D Chenna Kesavaiah received best research paper award in ICOMACE held at KGRCET, 2018.
  • Dr D Chenna Kesavaiah is editorial board member in Begell House (Scopus Free Journal).
  • Dr D Chenna Kesavaiah is guiding to Ph D research scholars.
  • Dr. Srinivasarao identified as Editorial Board Member of World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Dr. Srinivasarao identified as An active IJCRTRMS member of the International journal of creative research thoughts.
  • Dr. Srinivasarao identified as Research supervisor at department of chemistry JJT University.
  • Dr.Srinivasarao successfully published seven Research papers various international journals in the academic years 2018-19 and 2019 -20.
  • Dr. Srinivasarao was Nominated Scientific Committee Member for Institute for Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP), Andhra Pradesh Chapter.
  • Dr. Srinivasarao sent the project proposal to DST entitled “Formulations and Analytical Method Development for Poor Soluble Drugs-Applications of Nano chemistry to Pharmaceutical Industry”.
  • Dr. Srinivasarao. sent the project proposal to SERB entitled” FORMULATIONS OF HERBAL PRODUCTS &its SIGNIFICANCE IN HEALTH CARE DELIVERY”
  • International Diploma in TEFL/TESOL by London College of Teachers. LCT/TEFL/05/202100091407. 
  • International Research Paper: South African English -Free JournalSubjective Nature of History in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children—International Journal of Language and Culture-Volume-1, Issue-1, Peer-reviewed, free journal, ISSN:2788-404X, Svedberg Open, South African Free online Journal

Student achievements:

  • N Kumar, C Mahesh published research paper in International Journal of Research in Advent Technology, ICOMACE-2018, (UGC Approved Journal), ISSN NO:2331 – 9637
  • P. Sumanth G. Hrushinath, presented a paper on Evaluation of Mobile Generation 1G- 5G, Vidh Youth 2.0, held at Sridevi Women’s Engineering College, Hyderabad, September-2019

List of Certificate Courses

S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended No. of Students Appeared Examination No. of Students Passed Academic Year
1 Role of chemistry in Engineering 18-02-19 to
90 76 76 2018-19
2 Applications of mathematics in Engineering 15-07-19 to
57 55 43 2017-18

Internship Details

Academic year Internship details
2022-23 Internship_20-21_H&S

Contact Info

Dr. Madhu Soodhan
Dr Madhu Soodhanan Nair
+91 9381151482