EAMCET Counseling code: KGRH

Sexual Harrasment

Sexual Harrasment


 KGRCET is committed to upholding the Constitutional mandate to combat sexual harassment of women and ensure that human rights of all those who fall within its jurisdiction are safeguarded.


  • To take cognizance of complaints about sexual harassment, conduct enquiries, provide assistance and redressal to the victims, recommend action to be taken against the harasser, if necessary.
  •     To recommend arrangements for appropriate psychological, emotional and physical support (in the form of counseling, security and other assistance) to the victim if she/he so desires.
  •    To play a preventive role by making efforts to provide a congenial atmosphere at the institute by arranging periodic programmers and lectures, if required, on prevention of sexual harassment of women at the workplace.
S No Name of the Member Position Department Phone No
1 Mrs. T Gayatri Convener ECE 9949088800
2 Dr. Anil N Rakhonde Member ECE 7057670627
3 Dr. H S Wankhede Member HOD – CSE 9970285309
4 Dr. Madhulitha Member H&S 9861139036
5 Mrs. K Sujatha Member H&S 7702717761
6 Mrs. Jaya Bharathi Member CSE 9491591025
7 Mrs. Samyuktha Member EEE 9700166315
8 Mrs. Vani Reddy Member Admin OFFICE 9000633008
9 Ms. Ganga Jamuna Student Member IV CSE 72868322761
10 Ms. G Gayatri Student Member IV ECE 9441028389
11 Ms. C Ashwini Student Member III EEE 9515387075
12 Ms. D Rohitha Student Member IV CE
13 Mr. Ravi Teja Student Member II CSE 9063645324
14 Mr. Sai Charan Student Member III ECE 8639546395

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