EAMCET Counseling code: KGRH

Green Construction Club

Green Construction Club

The Green Construction club serves as a place of community for students to discuss, learn about, and working on projects related to sustainable construction practices. Members of the Green Construction club are offered with a range of programs and activities such as seminars, workshops, short courses, certifications, hackathons, project competitions and exposition. The club is supported by both internal and external experts who assist the students in strategizing and organizing activities that will help them knowledge and skills in Green Construction. The clubs aim to guide students and prepare them to pursue their professional careers in industries specializing in Green Construction.

  • To enhance knowledge and technical skills on Sustainable Construction.
  • To provide insights to students about green building concepts and techniques.
  • To encourage students to bring research-oriented ideas on sustainable construction. 
  • Bridging the gap between academic and industry through advanced technical training / certification courses.


1 K Bhanu Prakash 21QM5A0109 President
2 Vadla Vinay Kumar 21QM5A0121 Secretary
3 Allamsetty Tanmayee 22QM5A0104 Treasurer
4 Padishala Aakash 21QM1A0110 Vice President
5 Abu Bakar Siddiq 21QM1A0102 Joint Secretary
6 Mandapati Manvith 21QM5A0112 Member
7 Bonthapally Sathvika 22QM5A0108 Member
8 Pothula Mahesh 22QM5A0135 Member
9 Dr Soumya Sucharita Singha HOD-CE Chairman
10 G Mounika Assistant Professor-Civil Mentor


S.No Name of the Activity/Program In Association With Duration of Activity
1 Seminar on GGBS for Strong, Durable, Sustainable & Green Construction Civil Engineering department On 30th November 2022
2 Certificate Course on Auto CAD Civil Engineering department 15-11-2022 to 23-12-2022
3 Foundation Course on Green Construction Certification Department of Humanities and Science 01st December 2022 Onwards
4 Advanced  Course on Green Construction Certification Department of Humanities and Science 01st June 2023
  • Students will have an exposure to green building concepts and techniques.
  • Students would be able to design sustainable house.
  • Good opportunities for placements in industry.