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Centre for Research Innovation & Development

Centre for Research Innovation & Development

Centre for Research Innovations & Development 

The Centre for Research Innovations & Development (CRID) is imperative for the inclusive intellectual growth. It is often the first critical step in innovation and drives technological improvements which lead to Science and Technology (S&T) growth. KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology is continuously encouraging, supporting and promoting R&D activities by imparting training and workshops.

The institute is actively pursuing advanced research programs which are focused towards advancement of human knowledge and development of society. Research efforts are directed towards solving complex problems, delivering social benefits and driving economic prosperity, nationally as well as globally. The center (CRID) is responsible for the development and implementation of research strategy of the institute. It assists to formulate strategic planning for research and executing the plan. It Co-ordinates academic management of the research of the institute as a whole, encourages faculty and departments to increase research grant from different funding organization in India, encourages national and internationals Collaborations.


To become a centre of excellence recognized for fostering an ecosystem to promote research, innovation and development through strategic partnerships with academia, government organizations, and industries that will lead to the advancement of knowledge in STEM.  


  • Encourage faculty, students, and research scholars to conduct research through independent or Ph.D. driven projects and disseminate the results through publication in journals and conferences. 
  • Partner with industries for consultancy projects and engage in research that will result in innovations and intellectual property rights.  
  • Collaborate with government and non-government organizations through funded and independent projects that are aimed towards the advancement of research and development.
  • Provide infrastructure, research equipment, and capacity building that will support the conduction of research and development of innovations in the institution. 


  • To encourage faculty, undergraduate, and post-graduate students to engage in research activities that will motivate them to pursue higher education. 
  • To facilitate seminars, workshops, training programmes related to the promotion and conduction of research as well to create awareness on IPR and filing patents.
  • To support faculty and students for publishing research results through assistance in writing and reviewing papers prior to submission to conferences and peer reviewed journals. 
  • To design and implementation detailed guidelines for internal reviews that will lead to progress of research and Ph.D. among research scholars and faculty respectively.  
  • To assist faculty, students and other stake holders to apply for funding under various Government or Private Sector Schemes to promote research and innovation.
  • To partner with industries and other organizations focusing on co-development of research innovations through mutual cooperation. 

Objectives of CRID:

Research at KGRCET has been recognized as the primary activity to enhance teaching-learning process, and also to develop a unique identity as an institution that has committed itself to address societal issues through application of Science and Technology. The CRID division aims to continuously liaise with various funding agencies, R&D institutions, industries and faculty members of KGRCET to facilitate for undertaking innovative research in cutting-edge areas of application and social relevance.

  • Promote research and consultancy at institute level.
  • Facilitate interaction with external agencies like industries, government funding bodies.
  • Create multiple research thematic areas.
  • Significantly increase number of quality publications in refereed journals / conferences and intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • Assist faculty along with research scholars to write R&D proposals for external funding. 
  • Develop innovative products in the institute and exhibit those products at national level competitions.
Dr. Manisha
Dr. Manisha G

Dean – Research & Development
+91 9006959635

Dr.Manisha G(Member of IEEE since 2014) received the B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from JNTUH, Telangana India, in 2009 and the M.Tech degree in VLSI system design from JNTUH, Telangana India, in 2012. She received Ph.D. degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra (Deemed University), Ranchi, India in July 2018. She is currently working as Associate Professor & Dean R&D in KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad. During her tenure as HoD, the department received NBA for three years. She received approval letters from two funded projects from DST of worth 1.1 Crores. She published 4 Indian patents. She is pursuing diploma in Cyber Laws & Intellectual property Rights from University of Hyderabad (UoH).

She is the author or coauthor of more than 42 research papers in reputed journals (12, i.e., 3 in the Microsystem Technologies-Springer, 2-Elsevier, 1-JSTS, 1 JESTEC and 4 in SCOPUS indexed journals), book chapter (11), and International conferences (19). Her research interests include VLSI/CAD design for classical CMOS, non-classical CMOS and non-CMOS (non-Silicon) technologies [which center around the emerging nanoelectronics and spintronics devices like HEMT (high electron mobility transistor), SiC MOSFET, Organic FET,  FinFET (Fin-Shaped Field Effect Transistor), CNFET (Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor) and STT (spin transfer torque)-based MTJ (magnetic tunnel junction)], SET (Single Electron Transistor), Multivalued Logic, SRAM (Static random Access Memory), RRAM (resistive random access memory), PCRAM (Phase Change Random Access Memory), STT-MTJ based MRAM (magnetic random access memory), magnetic logic circuits, robust design of semiconductor memory, power- and variability-aware design, design of ultralow-power nanoscale circuits for portable/wearable/energy-harvesting applications. She is reviewer of IEEE TVLSI, Microelectronics Journal, IET digital circuits, etc. She received best paper award in IEEE conference ICICT-2015. She is a member of IEEE, USA. She is also currently member of various international bodies / societies such as IEEE Young Professionals, IEEE Women in Technology, etc. She has delivered invited talk/tutorial speech/expert talk in various International Conference /technical programs. She has organized several international conferences and several workshops. She visited 2 Countries – USA and Dubai. She initiated International & National Collaborations in the college. She is IIC president and NISP Coordinator of the institute. 


Name of the Member Position Department
Dr. R. S. Jahagirdar Principal ME
Dr. Rohit Kandakatla Director ECE
Dr. Manisha G Dean – R&D ECE
Dr. E Meher Abhinav Member ECE & EEE
Dr. Hari Krishna B Member CSE
Dr. Seshadri Member H&S
Dr. Baloji Member ME
Dr. Ramesh Babu Member CE
Dr. Venkat Ramana Member MBA

Research Groups

Research Group Centre Head 
Assistive Technologies and VLSI Dr. Manisha G
Nanoscience Dr. Meher Abhinav
Green and Smart Construction Dr. Ramesh Babu
Cloud Computing Dr. Hari Krishna

List of Research Proposals / Schemes Sanctioned

S. No Principal Investigator Name of Funding Agency Name of Project Grant Amount Date of Sanction Status
          1            Mr. S Suresh National Innovation Foundation Multi Tool Agricultural Implement 75000/- 01-07-2022 On-Going
          2 Dr. Manisha G SERB – Seminar Symposia Grant 1st International Conference on Cyber Physical Systems and Assistive Technologies CCPSAT 2022 2,00,000/- 16-06-2022 On Going
          3            Mr. S Suresh National Innovation Foundation Hand Lever Based Tapioca Plant Uprooter 58000/- 28-05-2022 On-Going
          4            Ms. Samyuktha P T-SIRI Incentives from Telangana state Innovation Cell Incense stick making machine 1,00,000/- 21-04-2022 On-Going
          5            Mr. Lingam T-SIRI Incentives from Telangana state Innovation Cell IoT Based Cooling Chamber 1,00,000/- 21-04-2022 On-Going
          6            Mr. Tangamani T-SIRI Incentives from Telangana state Innovation Cell Grim Reaper Binder 1,00,000/- 21-04-2022 On-Going
          7 Dr. Sukanya M Indian Council for Social Science Research National Seminar on Management in Digital World – Opportunities and Challenges 50,000/- 31-03-2022 Completed
          8 Dr. Manisha G Ministry of Innovation Council Impact Lecture Series Program 12,000/- 04-02-2022 Completed
          9 Dr. Sukanya M TISCHE National Seminar on Management in Digital World – Opportunities and Challenges 25,000/- 18-11-2021 Completed
Total 7,20,000/-


S.No Event Name Duration Dates Brochure / Poster
1 Orientation Session on Centre for Research Innovation and Development One day 1st May 2021 Poster
2 Faculty Development Program on “Research Paper Writing” One week 10th May 2021 to 16th May 2021 Brochure
3 Session on Writing a Research Proposal One day 10th June 2021 Poster
4 E-Professional Development Program on “Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer Strategies” One week 21st June to 26th June 2021 Brochure


ARIIA | Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements
Srno Title/Name of Patent IP Registration Number Date of Filed/Published Application Level
1 A MODULAR DESIGNED MULTIPURPOSE 202241041427 19-07-2022 National
3 Design of Embedded Radiation Hardened Cache Memory Cell 202141025985 10-06-2021 National
4 AlGaN/GaN based HEMT for RF and Low Noise Application 202141025986 10-06-2021 National
5 13.9 Tera Hertz Resonant Tunneling Diode Based Oscillator 202241068436 28-11-2022 National
Title Application Number Status
Design of Embedded Radiation Hardened Cache Memory Cell 202141025985 Published
AlGaN/ GaN based HEMT for RF and Low Noise Application 202141025986 Published

Contact Info

Dr. Manisha G

Dean – Center for Research Innovation & Development
+91 9006959635