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Centre for Research Innovation & Development

Centre for Research Innovation & Development


Centre for Research Innovations & Development 

The Centre for Research Innovations & Development (CRID) is imperative for the inclusive intellectual growth. It is often the first critical step in innovation and drives technological improvements which lead to Science and Technology (S&T) growth. KG Reddy College of Engineering & Technology is continuously encouraging, supporting and promoting R&D activities by imparting training and workshops.

The institute is actively pursuing advanced research programs which are focused towards advancement of human knowledge and development of society. Research efforts are directed towards solving complex problems, delivering social benefits and driving economic prosperity, nationally as well as globally. The center (CRID) is responsible for the development and implementation of research strategy of the institute. It assists to formulate strategic planning for research and executing the plan. It Co-ordinates academic management of the research of the institute as a whole, encourages faculty and departments to increase research grant from different funding organization in India, encourages national and internationals Collaborations.


To become a centre of excellence recognized for fostering an ecosystem to promote research, innovation and development through strategic partnerships with academia, government organizations, and industries that will lead to the advancement of knowledge in STEM.  


  • Encourage faculty, students, and research scholars to conduct research through independent or Ph.D. driven projects and disseminate the results through publication in journals and conferences. 
  • Partner with industries for consultancy projects and engage in research that will result in innovations and intellectual property rights.  
  • Collaborate with government and non-government organizations through funded and independent projects that are aimed towards the advancement of research and development.
  • Provide infrastructure, research equipment, and capacity building that will support the conduction of research and development of innovations in the institution. 


  • To encourage faculty, undergraduate, and post-graduate students to engage in research activities that will motivate them to pursue higher education. 
  • To facilitate seminars, workshops, training programmes related to the promotion and conduction of research as well to create awareness on IPR and filing patents.
  • To support faculty and students for publishing research results through assistance in writing and reviewing papers prior to submission to conferences and peer reviewed journals. 
  • To design and implementation detailed guidelines for internal reviews that will lead to progress of research and Ph.D. among research scholars and faculty respectively.  
  • To assist faculty, students and other stake holders to apply for funding under various Government or Private Sector Schemes to promote research and innovation.
  • To partner with industries and other organizations focusing on co-development of research innovations through mutual cooperation. 

Objectives of CRID:

Research at KGRCET has been recognized as the primary activity to enhance teaching-learning process, and also to develop a unique identity as an institution that has committed itself to address societal issues through application of Science and Technology. The CRID division aims to continuously liaise with various funding agencies, R&D institutions, industries and faculty members of KGRCET to facilitate for undertaking innovative research in cutting-edge areas of application and social relevance.

  • Promote research and consultancy at institute level.
  • Facilitate interaction with external agencies like industries, government funding bodies.
  • Create multiple research thematic areas.
  • Significantly increase number of quality publications in refereed journals / conferences and intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • Assist faculty along with research scholars to write R&D proposals for external funding. 
  • Develop innovative products in the institute and exhibit those products at national level competitions.
Dr. Jai Hari Professor
Dr. L. Jayahari

Dean – Research & Development
+91 9866857903

Dr. L. Jayahari, Professor and Head of the DEpartment.  He has 17+ years of teaching experience. Graduated from GRIET affiliated to JNTU University in Mechanical Engineering. He Pursued his Masters from Blekinge Institute of Technology(BTH), Karlskrona, SWEDEN with specialization “Structural Mechanics”. He has a doctorate in Philosophy from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad with specialization in sheet metal forming. His research work was carried out at GRIET and BITS Pilani, Hyderabad in warm formation. He has more than 21 research publications in international and national journals and conferences. He is an Organizing committee member of the annually conducted international Conference ICMPC(2012 to 2018). He also worked as Dean Student affairs, Dean Publicity and Alumni Affairs and as a member in Strategic development and sustainability at GRIET. Dr.Jayahari attended 27th international Symposium on Plasticity and Its Current Applications, Keauhou Bay, Hawaii, USA, January 3-9, 2016. Under his leadership he has successfully NBA accreditation for three Programmes (MTech(DFM), MTech(TE) and B.Tech) in Mechanical Engineering department

Research Coordinators:

S.No Name of the Member Position Department
1. Dr. Sai Satyanarayana Reddy Principal CSE
2. Dr. Rohit Kandakatla Director ECE
3. Dr. L. Jaya Hari Dean – R&D ME
4. Dr. B Vandana Asso Dean – R&D ECE & EEE
5. Dr. Hari Krishna B Member CSE
6. Dr. K Maithili  Member CSE-AIML
7. Dr. B Madhu Member CSE-DS
8. Dr. D Baloji Member ME
9. Dr. V Srinivasa Reddy Member CE
10. Dr. Sowjanya Ramisetty   Member CSE 
11. Mrs. P. Samyukta   Member CIST

Name of Research Group Head of the Group Members
VLSI Group
Dr. B. Vandana
Dr. Manisha
G. Lakshmi Bhavani
K. Kalpana
Siva Prasad
Cloud Computing
Dr. Harikrishna B
Y. Venkata Rao
Dr. Bharath Reddy
S.Surendhra Tripathi
Dr. B. Madhu
AI & ML Innovations
Dr. K.Maithili
Dr. K.Maithili
Dr. Siva Shankar. S
Dr. Raghu Kumar
Engineering Education
Dr. Rohit Kandakatla
Ms. Sandhya Tuti
Mr. Uma Shankar

List of Research Proposals / Schemes Sanctioned

Principal Investigator Name of Funding Agency Name of Project Grant Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) Date of Sanction Status
Mrs. P Samyuktha AICTE/MIC Yukthi Innovation Challenge Design of
Incense Stick
Making Machine
Low Cost
Solution to uplift
Cultivation Rose
Flowers in Sri
Ram Nagar
4 15-4-2024 Sanctioned
Dr. L. Jayahari DST-SERB ICMED
Conference Fund-
2 12-2-2024 Granted
Dr. Soumya Singh SERB CRG AI/ML-based
Qualitative and
assessment of
groundwater in
Raipur district,
Central India
3.139 18-3-2024 Sanctioned
Dr. Manisha G DST-Tribal sub plan Smart Indigenous
Colling chamber
for storage of
fruits and
39.701 9-2-2024 Sanctioned
Dr. Rohit Kandakatla DST Empowering ST Women Folk by Upgrading Traditional Banjara’s Embroidery Skill and Improving Livelihood of Rural ST Community of Kamareddy District by Standardising Mobile Milk Storage Facility 147.699 27-03-2023 On-Going
Dr. MRS. Suryanarayana Reddy DST Faculty Development Program for Inculcating Entrepreneurial Values in Students 2 13-01-2023 On-Going
Mr. S Suresh National Innovation Foundation Multi Tool Agricultural Implement 0.75 01-07-2022 Completed
Dr. Manisha G SERB – Seminar Symposia Grant 1st International Conference on Cyber Physical Systems and Assistive Technologies CCPSAT 2022 2 16-06-2022 Completed
Mr. S Suresh National Innovation Foundation Hand Lever Based Tapioca Plant Uprooter 0.58 28-05-2022 Completed
Ms. Samyuktha P T-SIRI Incentives from Telangana state Innovation Cell Incense stick making machine 1 21-04-2022 On-Going
Mr. Lingam T-SIRI Incentives from Telangana state Innovation Cell IoT Based Cooling Chamber 1 21-04-2022 On-Going
Mr. Tangamani T-SIRI Incentives from Telangana state Innovation Cell Grim Reaper Binder 1 21-04-2022 On-Going
Dr. Sukanya M Indian Council for Social Science Research National Seminar on Management in Digital World – Opportunities and Challenges 0.5 31-03-2022 Completed
Dr. Manisha G Ministry of Innovation Council Impact Lecture Series Program 0.12 04-02-2022 Completed
Dr. Sukanya M TISCHE National Seminar on Management in Digital World – Opportunities and Challenges 0.25 18-11-2021 Completed
Total 205.73

Faculty Publications

Sl.No Year No. of SCI Journal Publication No. of Scopus Journal Publication No. of Scopus Conference Publication No. of Scopus Book Chapter Publication Total Number of Publication Link
1 2024 7 5 11 3 26 Click Here
2 2023 31 31 138 12 212 Click here
3 2022 33 5 23 5 66 Click here
4 2012-2021 7 14 29 3 53 Click here

Patents -2023

Title/Name of Patent IP Registration Number Date of Filed/Published
Application Level
System For Detecting Parkinsons Disease and Method Thereof 202341033108 10/5/2023 National
A Method of Constructing Road Road Pavements Using Plastic Wastes 202341042844 26-06-23 National
System and Method for Assessing and Enhancing Organizational Performance through Employee Engagement 202341042843 26-06-23 National
System for Smart Train Platform and Method Thereof 202341043104 27-06-23 National
Aero – An IoT Based Air Quality Evaluation System 202341043101 27-06-23 National
Recognition of Outflow of Harmful Gases and an Alert System Using Sensor Integration Based on IoT 202341043103 27-06-23 National
A coal Mine safety System Using LoRaWAN 202341043111 27-06-23 National
Reduced Instruction Set Computer(RISC) Processor Implementing Vedic Math for Low Power Consumption 202341043107 27-06-23 National
Multi-Powered Electric Bicycle 202341046733 12/7/2023 National
Integrated Solar Panel 202341046734 12/7/2023 National
A System For Prevention Of Wrong Route Travelling Of Vehicles 202341046826 12/7/2023 National
Electrochemical Coagulation Method For Treatement Of Domestic Waste Water 202341046825 12/7/2023 National
A Method Of Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag And Coir 202341046824 12/7/2023 National
Design & Fabrication Of Staircase Elevator With Lead Screw Mechanism 202341047333 13-07-2023 National
Design And Fabrication Of Electrical Power Tiller For Agriculture Purpose 202341047335 13-07-2023 National
Improved And Compact Design Of Reaper And Binder For Agricultural Purpose 202341047369 13-07-2023 National
A System To Comprehend Relationship Between Quality Of Life & Depression And Between Quality Of Life & Depression And Method Thereof 202341047336 13-07-23 National
A System For Forecasting The Risk Of Diabetes Among Pima Indians Using Machine Learning Techniques 202341047555 14-07-23 National
An Automation System For Accident Detection And Rescue 202341047723 15-07-23 National
A Platform For Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange For Indian Markets 202341047721 15-07-23 National
A System For Predicting Ev Charging Behavior Using Machine Learning 202341047722 15-07-23 National
An Automated System And Method For Analysis Of Vehicle Number Plate Image Using Neural Network 202341047719 15-07-23 National
A Turbo-Encoder Module For In-Vehicle System 202341047773 15-07-23 National
Iot Based System Of Aquaculture Monitoring And Method Thereof 202341047775 15-07-23 National
Iot Based Forest Fire Monitoring System And Method Thereof 202341047819 15-07-23 National
A Portable Management System For Air Pollution Monitoring And Vehicle Tracking 202341047820 15-07-23 National
Smart Antenna System Using Artificial Intelligence for Improved Wireless Communication Performance
12-07-23 National

Patents -2022

Title/Name of Patent IP Registration Number Date of Filed/Published
Application Level
13.9 Tera Hertz Resonant Tunneling Diode Based Oscillator 202241068436 11/28/2022 National
A MODULAR DESIGNED MULTIPURPOSE 202241041427 07-19-22 National


Title/Name of Patent IP Registration Number Date of Filed/Published
Application Level
AlGaN/GaN based HEMT for RF and Low Noise Application 202141025986 6/10/2021 National
Design of Embedded Radiation Hardened Cache Memory Cell 202141025985 6/10/2021 National

Patents 2016-2020

Title/Name of Patent IP Registration Number Date of Filed/Published
Application Level
System and Method for Generating High power by utlization of minimal input power and pressurized water
7/15/2016 National
Artificial Neural Network based method for detection of malaria using thin blood images 201821020880 12/6/2019 National
Parallelization of steady air flow over cars with neural network 201921008498 3/5/2019 National
Improvied time complexity and load balance for DFS in multiple mode node 201921008504 3/5/2019 National
Rectangular dielectric resonator anetnna contributed to 5G Technology 201921008506 3/5/2019 National
A collaborative unmanned aerial vehicle system 201931031317 9/13/2019 National
System and method for automatically detecting plagiarism 201931034352 9/13/2019 National
IoT Based Integrated device and system for health analysis 201931039857 11/8/2019 National
Sensitive information management system and method thereof 201941019479 5/24/2019 National
ACCESS network selection system, device and method for reducing specific absorption values for cellular phones 201941026048 7/5/2019 National
System and method for detecting presence of an intruder near a neonatal crib 201941028405 8/2/2019 National
system and method for managing association and disassociation of files amongst users 201941033063 9/20/2019 National
A novel selection algorithm based on similarity theory 201941037560 10/11/2019 National
system and method for selecting a parent node among a plurality of available parent nodes 201941040619 10/11/2019 National
Experimental analysis of a solar cooker with a parabolic through enhanced with PCM based thermal store 201941044051 11/22/2019 National
Automated token based system to minimize crowd in a general post office 201941044561 11/29/2019 National
Design development of fault diagnosis by using fuzzy neural networks for hydroponic systems in IoT environment 201941048257 12/6/2019 National
A microbial fuel cell with CNT Electrodes 201941049319 12/6/2019 National
System and method for agricultural grievance management PCT/IB2020/050007 1/2/2020 WIPO

Patent Granted

Sl.No Applicant Inventor Name Filed Title & Number Filed Date Grant Date Link
1 KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology 1.Dr. Somalla Suresh
2.Mr.Vivek/ Student
3.Mr.Manoj Kumar / Student.
An uprooting implement for
Agricultural purpose
05/08/2022 08/03/2024 Click here
2 1.KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology
2.Dr. Manisha
1.KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology
2.Dr. Manisha
AlGaN/GaN based HEMT for RF and Low Noise Application
10/06/2021 16/02/2024 Click here
3 Dr. Soumya Sucharita Singha Dr. Soumya Sucharita Singha Water Management Device
30/11/2022 01/02/2024 Click here

List of Capacity Building Programs

S.No Event Name Duration Dates
1. Workshop on “Design and Processing with MATLAB and Simulink” One day 5th Jan 2024
2. FDP on “R & D Funding Sources” One day 6th Dec 2023
3. Writing a Research paper: Best Practices and Common Pitfalls 3 months 9th Oct 2023 to 31st Dec 2023
4. FDP on “Research funding opportunities at DRDO” One day 1st September 2023
5. FDP on “Types of research articles and Journal Selection awareness Programs” 10 days 5th June 2023 to 14th June 2023
6. FDP on “Types of journal articles and choosing appropriate Journal” One day 25th May 2023
7. Hands on workshop on “Using Grammarly Tool for Research paper writing ” One day 20th May 2023
8. Orientation Session on Centre for Research Innovation and Development One day 1st May 2021
9. Faculty Development Program on “Research Paper Writing” One week 10th May 2021 to 16th May 2021
10. Session on Writing a Research Proposal One day 10th June 2021
11. E-Professional Development Program on “Awareness on Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer Strategies” One week 21st June to 26th June 2021
12. 4-Week Faculty Development Program on Research Paper Writing Four Week 15th November 2021 to 21th December 2021
13. 4-Week Faculty Development Program on Research Paper Writing Four Week 27th December 2021 to 27th January 2022
14. 4-Week Faculty Development Program on Research Paper Writing Four Week 7th February 2022 to 7th March 2022



Contact Info

Dr. Jai Hari Professor
Dr. L. Jayahari

Dean – Research & Development
+91 9866857903