EAMCET Counseling code: KGRH



About MoU

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is a formal agreement between two or more parties. Companies and organizations can use MoUs to establish official partnerships.

Purpose of MoU

The MoU is intended to recognize the general basis for a cooperative and a collaborative working relationship between the two parties. The purpose of MoU is to have mutual intentions to jointly work on projects required for industries and research needs, with learned faculty of good industrial experience and promising students, jointly agree to exchange their expertise for mutual benefit and growth, on the areas specified below:

  • Industrial Visits
  • In-plant Training & special Technical Training to make the students industry-ready
  • Guest Lectures
  • Mini Projects and Main Project Work
  • Research & Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Studies & Survey
  • Placements
  • Internships
  • Establishing Advanced Labs


Students work at a company for at least ten weeks during the summer or at least sixteen weeks during  the Summer Vacation. In order for their experience to be considered an internship, they cannot work more than two terms with the same company and still be affiliated with this office. If a student chooses to work more on his or her own, that is acceptable. However, only the first two terms will be noted on their academic transcript.


1. Company will get:

  • The opportunity to prescreen our most ambitious and enthusiastic students—the kind who thrive on challenge
  • The opportunity to evaluate temporary employees while deciding whether to make a permanent offer
  • An infusion of new ideas and methods
  • An excellent source of short term employees
  • The opportunity to train an employee in your particular methods and processes
  • Greater visibility on the UT campus
  • Participation in the educational process
  • Increased opportunities for technology transfer

2. Students will:

  • Bridge the gap between theoretical study and the professional world
  • Find out exactly what engineers do in order to decide if they want to spend their lives as engineers
  • Discover why they’re studying math, physics, and theory
  • Become professionals who can take their learning in the classroom and adapt it to the workplace
  • Get a head start on classroom learning by working with engineering principles on the job
  • Have Internship Program participation noted on their transcripts
  • Gain self-confidence and motivation and develop expertise in interacting with people
  • Become more attractive to employers because they’re already trained and can be productive immediately
  • Improve significantly the level of job and salary offers they get upon graduation
  • Develop professional behavior and social skills

3. College  will benefit through:

  • Better use of classrooms, laboratories and other facilities
  • Better relations with industry, government, and business
  • Better prepared students who are more desirable to employers and are ready to meet today’s challenging work environment.
  • Better educated students with leading edge technology training in the workplace as well as insight into professionalism and proper social behavior
  • Technology transfer Fiscally responsible students
  • Better education to all students by students returning to school and sharing their experiences with professors and classmates
  • Partnerships with students and sponsoring corporations and be able to establish the Engineering Professional Practice program as one that is nationally recognized among students, parents, employers, and peer institutions


S. No Name Of Industry
1 Classic Reflective Pavers
2 KVR Infra Rail (P) Ltd
3 Recon Industries
4 Salzgitter Lifts Pvt. Ltd
5 UBE Industries Ltd.
6 Hema Industries
7 Automated Tooling Systems India Pvt. Ltd
8 Udaya Bharati Engineering Pvt. Ltd
9 Grand Castings
10 Pragnathmika Svets Teknik Pvt. Ltd
11 Godavari Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
12 CIMTECH Systems (P) Ltd
13 S. V. Multi Logitech Pvt. Ltd
14 WindStream Technologies
15 VEGA Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd
16 Akshaya Solar Power (India) Pvt. Ltd
17 Sulakshana Circuits Ltd
18 Datapoint Info Solutions
19 Andura Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd
20 Pactolus  Edutech Pvt. Ltd
21 Kalinga Software Pvt. Ltd
22 Bias IT Cosulting Pvt. Ltd
23 Advit Software & Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd
24 Sesillis Solutions Pvt. Ltd
25 ScrapQ IT Hub Pvt. Ltd
26 Syscon Solutions Pvt. Ltd
27 Bomotix Pvt. Ltd
28 BIAS IT Consulting Pvt Ltd
29 Kalinga Sofware Pvt Ltd
30 K&R RAN Engineering Ltd.
32 Classic Engineering Industries
33 RAYA Renewable energy solution pvt Ltd
34 BIZ BRAND Solutions Pvt. Ltd
35 Godavari Polymers Ltd
36 Classic Tiles
37 VEGA Solar Energy Pvt Ltd
38 Salzgitter Hydraulics Pvt Ltd
39 WindStream Technologies Pvt Ltd
40 NIIT Mehdipatnam centre
41 Classic Reflective Pavers
42 Electrono Solutions Pvt ltd
43 Rishab Alchem India LTD
44 Pactolus Edutech pvt ltd
45 Classic Pavers and Tiles
46 ARK
47 IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd
48 Grand Casting
49 Classic Bricks & Tiles
50 Minds Solvit Pvt Ltd
51 Mobile tutor Private Limited
52 Classic Designer Tiles
53 K&R Rail Engineering Limited
54 Classic Plasto Crafts
55 Advit Software & Business Solution pvt.Ltd
56 DA Vinci
57 Eskar technologies
58 System Solutions
59 India Nic
60 Armtronics
61 AMZ Automotive
62 Recon Industries
63 Kinetic Green Energy & power solutions LTD
64 Rajapushpa Properties Pvt Ltd
65 Kenra technologies
66 Uptec Idealabs
67 Webcognize
68 T. V. Plastics
69 Apollo MicrosystemsPvt.Ltd
70 Technolexis
71 ICT Academy
72 Educate
73 IBC Media