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Centre for Educational Technology

Centre for Educational Technology

The Centre for Educational Technology was established to support faculty and staff to design, facilitate, and assess Technology-Enhanced Courses (TEL). Technology-enhanced courses comprises of all form of courses such as online courses, blended courses, virtual laboratories which have integrated technology to improve students learning.

CET was established in the year 2020 with a goal to train and support faculty to teach courses online as result of the disruption caused by COVID19 pandemic. Since its inception, CET has been working to implement innovative educational technology tools and transform the approach to teaching virtually. CET focusses on both research and practice with a goal to study, analyse, and then disseminate evidence-based pedagogical practices among the faculty in the institution.

S No Name of the faculty Designation
1 Dr. Rohit Kandakatla Head
2 Mr. Syed khamruddin LMS Coordinator
3 Mrs. R Hima Sagarika Assessment Expert
4 Mrs. A Deepika Pedagogy Expert
5 Mr. Y Venkat Rao Logistics Coordinator

The T-CAP framework was designed by Dr. Rohit Kandakatla and was originally conceptualized as an expansion of the widely recognized Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK). T-CAP was inspired by the CAP course taught by Prof. Ruth Streveler at the School of Engineering Education in Purdue University. The CAP course emphasized the importance of constructively align the content, assessment, and pedagogy to make the course student-centric. T-CAP adds the additional element of technology and highlights the necessary alignment between content and technology, assessment and technology, and pedagogy and technology to design technology-enhanced courses.

Capacity Building Programs

  • 2-week Short Term Training Program (STTP) on Design of Technology-Enhanced courses using T-CAP.
  • 1-weekFaculty Development Program (FDP) on Design and Development of Asynchronous Video Lectures.
  • 2-day Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Creating and Facilitating Course Websites using Canvas LMS.

Research Focus Areas

  • Usage of educational technology tools to create and present content through varied representations (audio, video, text, visuals).
  • Implementation of evidence-based practices to improve students access and engagement with asynchronous and synchronous learning resources.
  • Design, implementation, and assessment of  student-centric teaching methodologies using educational technology tools.
  • Exploration of modelling, simulation, and virtual laboratory experiences to complement and supplement experiential learning opportunities for students.
  • Use of learning analytics to improve effectiveness of formative assessments and improve students’ learning


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