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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

About Department

Department is established in 2009-10, the Mechanical Engineering Department is continuously striving towards excellence. With state-of-art laboratories and highly experienced faculties the department has been implementing an active blended course structure thereby preparing the students to be industry ready. Engineering masterpieces of future will require mechanical engineers to reach beyond the traditional knowledge of the field. The department of mechanical engineering college offers an undergraduate program Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) with an intake of 60 seats that will provide solid foundation for careers in industry, research and academia.

Dr. L Jayahari is an Associate Professor& Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He has 15+ years of teaching experience. The Department has strength of 18 multifaceted faculties and is homogeneous blend of experienced and junior faculty members. The average experience of teaching faculty is about 08 years. 

The department of B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering College is also equipped with center of excellence in “3 D Printing and Electrical Vehicle and Robotics clubs” in collaboration with Techno lexis Pvt Ltd Hyderabad. The centre has 3 D Printing Machines, PLC programming facilities, Robotic Components .The centre is known for its excellent training program for the students of Engineering, Polytechnic and ITIs. The centre has trained more than 400 students in this field since 2009, the year of its establishment. Department also houses central Workshop. The   department is very well equipped with computational facilities and resources both in terms of hardware and software.

 The faculty and staff of the department made remarkable strides by involving themselves in academic activities like conducting various Faculty development program, Workshops, Seminars and Industry- Institute-Interaction programs. The workshops and seminars of this top mechanical engineering college are sponsored by various MOU Companies. Some of the faculty of the department worked as resource persons for workshops and delivered their technical sessions in various Engineering & Polytechnic colleges 

The department curriculum meets the industry requirements. Department holds some of the cutting edge technology labs namely Metrology & Machine Tools, CAD/CAM, Fuel and Lubricants Testing lab, Thermal Engineering . Department frequently organizes many student centric activities and certificate and value added courses  like Soft Skill Development programs, Training on CADD-3D Software’s, Quizzes,  Plickers, debate, sports etc. Department also organizes the Industrial visit Thermal Power Plants, Design and Manufacturing Industries  for filling the gap between industry and academia. Department also encourages the students in internship like Indian Diesel locomotives, Salzgitter Lifts Pvt. Ltd and Mahindra Pvt.Ltd .

The asset of the department is its Alumni. Department Alumni contributes their ideas and suggestion in framing curriculum with respect to industry advancements. 

A dedicated placement cell of the institute has been active in generating employment opportunities for the students. A large number of students are directly recruited by reputed companies Byjus, Qspiders, Edwisor, Raam Group and Surya Tech Solutions with the minimum package of 4.8 lacks through the placement cell. In addition, many students take up higher studies in prestigious Universities in India and Abroad some of them emerged as entrepreneurs

The corner stone of the Department of this mechanical engineering college is its Industry Institute Interaction Programs. Department has signed MoU with various industries and institutions like Salzgitter Lifts Pvt. Ltd.  Technolexis Pvt Ltd. Automated Tooling Systems Cimtech Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Job Opportunity for Mechanical Engineers

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • CAD Technician
  • Control & Instrumentation Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Shipping Industry
  • Steel Plants

High Salary offering fields for Mechanical Engineering

  • Scientific Research and Development Services such as DRDO, HAL, ISRO & ONGC etc.
  • Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing.
  • Software development (MNC)
  • Transportation Equipment Manufacturing.
  • Machinery manufacturing

Future Trends for Mechanical Engineering

  • As per ASME (America Society for Mechanical Engineering) vision 2028 for Mechanical engineers highlights the role of ME for next two decades to develop technologies that foster and cleaner, healthier sustainable global environment.
  • Mechanical Engineers will be at forefront of developing new technologies for Environment remedy, farming, food production housing, transportation, health care etc.
  • Development of innovative in nano technology, bio technology and large scale systems.

Our Vision


Program Outcomes

Program Educational Objectives

Program Specific Outcomes

Dr. L. Jayahari

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Dr. L. Jayahari,  graduated from GRIET Hyderabad affiliated to JNTU University in Mechanical Engineering Department in 2001. Dr. Jayahari Pursued his Masters degree from Blekinge Institute of Technology(BTH), Karlskrona, SWEDEN with specialization “Structural Mechanics” in 2005. He has doctorate in Philosophy from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad with Specialization “Sheet metal forming” in 2015. He has more than 20 research publications in international and national journals and conferences. He started his career as Assistant professor in 2005 at GRIET, Hyderabad, grown up to the level of professor by 2015 and served the Institute till March, 2021. Dr. L. Jayahari worked as Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department from 2015 to 2018 and Dean of student affairs from  2018 to 2021. Dr.Jayahari attended 27th international Symposium on Plasticity and Its Current Applications, Keauhou Bay, Hawaii, USA, January 3-9, 2016. Under his leadership he has successful in NBA accreditation for three Programmes (MTech(DFM)(2015) and B.Tech(2016) and MTech(TE)(2017) in Mechanical Engineering department in GRIET.AS team lead Dr.Jayahari worked as NAAC Criteria III Coordinator at institute level to achieve highest grade NAAC A++(2021)in GRIET. On 30th March he resigned from GRIET and Joined in KGRCET as Dean Academics and Professor of Mechanical Engineering department from 31st March 2021.


Awards:Dr.L.Jayahari as Mentor and his students  won First Prize in Pan India level 2018- Chhatra Vishwakarma AICTE ISTE award. Category: Education, Skill Initiative & Start-up, Project Name: BOOK LENDING MACHINE,2018.

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3 Course Files II-YEAR I-SEM
Course Instructional Methods

Research Projects :

Project 1: A Multi Tool Agricultural Implement

Improvising the already existing multiple agricultural tools by using the concept of modularity, so that it will do more functions through more control with less components and use them as attachments for the agricultural implement(device).

Founding Agency: This Project is carried out under National Innovation Foundation (NIF) to be funded by Indian National Academy of Engineering

Project 2: Manual Foot Lever based Tapioca Plant Uprooter

Improvising the design of already existing hand leverbased Tapioca plant uprooterby incorporating the foot lever and hydraulic gripper to increase the productivity and to decrease the health hazards

Founding Agency: This Project is carried out under National Innovation Foundation (NIF) to be funded by Indian National Academy of Engineering

Project 3: Developing Mechanical Control module for TANK-72 [consultancy]

Developing a mechanical control module which would consist of electronics as well as mechanical components which can suitably allow the tank to be controlled through Drive by Wire Technology

Client: Edge Force Solutions in association with Military college of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Achievements

Mr. Mahesh R Reddy – Received National Award Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM Lifetime Achievement in Teaching, Academic in the year 2019 from “International Institute for Social and Economic Reforms”



Faculty Name Course & Certificate
1. Mrs. Kalpana Design Practice
2. Mrs. Sravani Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes
3. Mrs. Sravani Principles of Casting technology
4. Mrs. Kalpana Effective Engineering Teaching in Practice


  • PRC
  • PAC
  • DDC
  • DAB
  • Finance


  • Salzgitter Lifts Pvt.Ltd
  • UBE Industries Ltd
  • Hema Industries
  • Automated Tooling Systems
  • Uday Bharati Engineering Pvt.Ltd
  • Grand Castings Pvt.Ltd
  • Pragnathmika Svets Teknik Pvt.Ltd
  • Godavari Polymers Pvt.Ltd
  • Cimtech Systems Pvt.Ltd

Certificate Course

Enrolling in a certificate course at our mechanical engineering college can help further or begin student’s career. Taking less time than a traditional degree, a certificate course exposes students to college level coursework in a condensed amount of time. Students choose to get a certificate course as their interest in department. Mechanical engineering is the design and operation of machines. Within this type of engineering, parts are analyzed to create more efficient and safer systems for manufacturing.

Objective of Certificate Course

A certificate course can offer specialized classes in this field. Some courses that may be taken for this certificate could be computer applications, materials, modeling, production design, composites and mechanics. Sometimes there are further concentrations within a certificate course. Some possible specializations are robotics, computer-aided design, thermodynamics, and hydraulics or product design.

Scope of the Course

Once a certificate in mechanical engineering is awarded, different career options may open up. Additionally, certificate holders have a deeper understanding of the way machines and mechanical systems work. For those who have finished a certificate course in this type of engineering, job opportunities may be more abundant. One type of position that could be an option is robotics designer, which involves creating machines for automated processes. Additionally, careers in structural analysis, which has to do with analyzing systems failures, can be obtained with credentials in mechanical engineering. Other possible career paths are working in drafting, thermodynamics in energy or working in mechanics of various industries. Jobs in mechanical engineering are found primarily in the private manufacturing industry, but there are also opportunities in governmental agencies.

List of Certificate Courses

S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended No. of Students Appeared Examination No. of Students Passed Academic Year
1 CNC programming 04-02-19 to
64 64 64 2018-19
2 Creo software 25-09-18 to
78 78 78 2018-19
3 Hypermesh 06-08-18 to
53 53 53 2018-19
4 Solid Works 05-03-18 to
53 53 53 2017-18

Value Added Course

This course encompasses a whole range of subjects like Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Designing, Power Plant Engineering, HVAC, Metrology and Quality Control, Production Engineering, Maintenance Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering. It finally opens up job prospects in design, production, manufacturing and maintenance.

Objective of Value-Added Course

The main objective of this course in Mechanical Engineering College for students can opt for higher advanced courses or may start working immediately. Though jobs are available for mechanical engineering graduates in various sectors, pursuing an advanced course opens avenues for better employment opportunities.

Scope of Value-Added Course

This course at this mechanical engineering college has several scopes for students as follows.

Pursuing Piping Engineering opens career opportunity in Chemical Industry, Merchant Navy, Petroleum Refinery sectors, Manufacturing firms, etc. All these sectors have great demand for Piping specialists.

After completing B.Tech course, job opportunities are primarily found in electronics industry, automobile, manufacturing, mining, transport, gas and oil, defense, robotics, aerospace and aviation, army, navy, air force, etc.

S.No Course Name Duration of the Course No. of Students Attended Academic Year
1 Drafted methods using Autocad 19-08-19 to
50 2019-20
2 CATIA 08-01-19 to
78 2018-19
3 Auto Cad 16-07-18 to
64 2018-19
4 Ansys 08-01-18 to
59 2017-18
5 CAD/CAM 24-07-17 to
84 2017-18

Project Based Assignments Introduction

Humans are able to do almost everything they want. We are able to move, communicate with each other and if something seems impossible for us, we try to make it possible. For example humans don’t have wings, so we can’t flutter with our arms or legs, but birds can – It simply isn’t in our nature. However, people found many ways to fly by building machines like airplanes and helicopters. If something seems out of our reach, it doesn’t mean that there is no way to find a solution.

II year and III year students used to work on assignment based on the problem statements given by the Guides and they will develop the designs and prototypes by using our center of excellence and Interdisciplinary center and which in turn helps the students to build their confidence in enhancing their skills in Design Thinking and product development  and also helps to build their own project in final year and also by using these skills  they in compute in National Hackthon and other symposium and from this department can engage the students by developing their career

Concept and Design

Department also practice the concept and design implementation for research projects and students involve with guides for working on the projects but initially we thought that it might be quite difficult to find a good solution in the consultancy and faces challenges for the year. We thought about many different concepts but in the end we found really impressive and good ones.

There were two outstanding NIF concepts which were continuously rethought, developed and tested. In the following pictures we have showed in detail. We design the concept by understanding the problem statement and we had to struggle with concepts and solved them in the end. 

Product Development Club-3D Printing

Department  having one more best practice is product development with 3D printing Club is initiated in 2020 association with Technolexis Private Limited. and here students involves with their ideas to build concepts on product development by using 3D Printing Machine and they used work hands on projects and finally they deliver to department and also they will participate and expose their products in many symposium ,workshops. Implementing our ideas of how the products should look like in the end isn’t easy at some points. You might think of a concept, which would work in theory, but could be impossible to substantiate with the given components. In the following picture are given detail about the hoe products can be executed with Machine by resource person.

Contact Info

Mr. Mahesh R Reddy

Cell : +919379853899
email: [email protected]

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