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The KGR Philosophy – Engineering India’s Change Makers

Albert Einstein once said, “Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been.” Engineers play a pivotal role in our society. It is they who create, design and develop the state-of-the-art, for our everyday. Bill Gates, in his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” highlighted the various ways in which humans are polluting our planet earth by increasing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. He argues that the average temperature of the planet is gradually rising, and we could eventually enter a new ice age if we do not become carbon neutral in the next few decades. He asserts that the world is currently emitting 51 billion tons of greenhouse gases and we need to aim to get to Carbon Zero. He talks about the various breakthroughs we need to develop clean energy products that will have zero carbon footprint on the environment and how engineers will have the greatest role in achieving these targets.

It is therefore of utmost importance, to nurture our future engineers. Ones that aspire to rise beyond just engineering. Rise to become change-makers. With the vision, ideas, capabilities, and conviction to change the world

At KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology, we believe in empowering our engineers to become leaders in their community, where they voice their opinions for change and lead efforts that are focussed on their socio-economic development in a sustainable approach. Our philosophy is driven by the need to develop holistic well-rounded engineers who possess four important qualities – Intelligence Quotient, Innovation Quotient, Social Quotient, and Emotional Quotient. These four elements are important measures of evaluating the holistic development of students that will prepare them for becoming the leaders of tomorrow

Students at KGRCET are provided with an ecosystem designed to nurture these four elements through a strategic approach. The curriculum is inclusive of industry-relevant courses that are aimed to build the industry-academia gap and prepare our students for employment in their interest domain upon graduation. Our innovative teaching and learning culture provides students with active and experiential learning opportunities that would enable them to innovate. Students are provided with hands-on learning opportunities as they are made to work on developing technological solutions to address the problems identified in our neighbouring communities. We believe such experiences will build a student’s emotional quotient and help empathise with problems in the society. Students are provided with a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities that will help them build their social quotient. Both emotional and social quotients are considered to be crucial for the development of leadership qualities among individuals. We recommend students to be strategic and follow a 4-year plan for their undergraduate education that includes academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities

Within those four years at KGRCET, we work to transform our engineering students into change makers who eventually champion a sustainable approach to social and economic development. Including the fight against climate change.

Engineers must be critical yet creative; curious yet capable; as well as ready to handle the constantly changing world. The engineering portfolio knows no bounds, but these people are all working to the same common goal – building a sustainable world. Whatever you wish to contribute to society through your engineering dedication, nothing compares to impacting people’s lives, and the world for that matter, for the better.

About the Author

Dr. Rohit Kandakatla is the Director of KG Reddy College of Engineering and Technology and has completed his PhD in Engineering Education from Purdue University. His work involves building Engineering Education Ecosystems through Social Innovation, Research, Entrepreneurship, and Technology.

Research interests include education policy, community-based learning, understanding organisational development, and integration of technology and entrepreneurship in engineering education.

best engineering college in Hyderabad

How To Select The Best Engineering College In Hyderabad? Find The Answer In This Article.

Graduation persuasion is the most significant part of life for every student to succeed in life. These four years decide your career and your professional position in your life. There are many small and large engineering institutions established in the past years. So, choosing the right college for pursuing your graduation could be the most difficult task for both parents and students. 

You often question yourself like ‘Which college is best, ‘What course should I choose?’, ‘How to choose the right career. So, in this article, you can find your answer on choosing the right engineering college. Here are some of the factors that are to be considered to choose the best engineering college. 

  • Location:-

Location is one of the vital things that are to be considered when choosing a college. Considering the admission in the college which is near to your hometown and your place would be beneficial that could save your travel time and travel cost. So, choose the college near your home or choose the best college that has a great hostel facility. And also the college place should be peaceful and away from the city. 

  • Choose the best engineering stream:-

Pick the engineering stream upon your interest and passion which pays the way towards your career success. So, never compromise on your interested engineering stream and go for it. Since you have chosen the right engineering branch, you will be more encouraged and interested to take on challenges in the upcoming four years. 

  • Categorize and consider colleges:-

While if you are categorizing your search down to colleges, ensure that you consider all the vital points such as location, cost, accreditation and engineering stream. You must also have backup colleges and engineering stream plan options so that you can adopt one of those, if in case you are unable to acquire the selected stream. You can make your categorization as – top colleges, average colleges, above-average colleges in which you have most chances of getting admissions. 

  • List your Criteria:-

It is always important to write down a checklist of all the vital factors which can help you to shortlist the best engineering colleges in Hyderabad. Some of the features that can be significant to notice are the travel distance, location, accreditation, degree, placement, financial help or scholarships, faculty experience, campus life, social life & campus facilities. 

  • Be prepared for your entrance exam:-

With the emerging competition to acquire admissions in the top-ranked colleges, it has become essential for students to take expert guidance to be prepared to qualify in several engineering institutions. Therefore, it is also important to enhance one’s core subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics from high school to increase the score of engineering entrance examinations. 

  • Evaluate your priorities:-

Evaluate the pros and cons of every selected college and rank them according to the scale of 1 to 10 on different aspects such as college infrastructure, teacher & student ratio, hostel facilities, college reputation, an affiliation of university, placement record, ranking of college, recognition & more. 

  • Check for scholarships and financial aid:-

Look at the scholarship eligibility criteria mentioned by the engineering colleges, so that you possess multiple choices of getting into the right colleges without fees and can have a hassle-free education. 

  • Campus Tour:-

Before finalizing the college, make sure that you tour the colleges and observe the college environment. While you are touring college, you must especially visit laboratories, libraries and sports facilities. You can also make interactions with the students and faculty about the college to know their experience at the college. 

  • Experienced faculty:-

Many colleges are lacking behind for good faculty. Some colleges don’t even have the required subject faculty. Before taking admission to an engineering college, you must check the faculty of the college and their experience. Because the best faculty provide the best subject knowledge to students which help them at the time of campus placements. 

  • Campus Placements:-

Any college provides a 100% campus placement guarantee. But the colleges which have more connections with the many companies would be beneficial for you to have more chances of getting hired. The college should provide special training skills which would help you to crack the jobs. 

KGRCET, the top engineering college in Hyderabad provides the quality education and skills to enhance the career of every student. They provide a highly experienced faculty and great campus infrastructure which makes students’ campus life memorable. 

top engineering college in Hyderabad

Factors That Are Considered To Choose The Best Engineering College

Choosing the best engineering college is a significant decision of every student and family. The four years of graduation decides your career success and makes your life fascinating. There is no such college as the best college, but there are many colleges that are best for you. Here are some of the guidelines that you can follow to choose the right engineering college. 

Choose an engineering stream:-

Before selecting the best engineering college, you need to first decide which engineering branch you are going to pursue. Branch selection is a vital step because students may not feel much interested in doing a course if they don’t feel motivated enough. The branch that you select decides your success and passion in life. So, take time and decide your interest stream and pave the way for your successful career.

Categorize and consider colleges:-

After deciding the engineering stream, the next step is to select the other three streams in case you are not eligible for your selected stream. It is the best decision to categorize the colleges into three groups based on priorities. The first group should contain the top engineering colleges in Hyderabad which are hard to get into. The second category comes with above-average colleges which are easy to get admission to. The third group is categorized with colleges that have very easy access to get admission. Categorizing colleges in this way is the best way to choose the right engineering college for you. 

Mention your criteria:-

Write down a list of features you want to consider and choose your right fit college. Here are some of the considerations that can be included below:

  • Offered degree
  • Location
  • Distance covered from home
  • Government or Private
  • Financial aid or scholarship
  • Cost
  • Campus resources
  • Placement and internship
  • Expert faculty
  • Accreditation
  • Quality/ Reputation
  • Student life
  • Social life
  • Past performance of college

Choosing the right course is based on the interest of the student in the specified subject and their abilities and knowledge. If the student has the choice of two engineering colleges for the same engineering stream, the better-performed college would be the best option that should be chosen. The faculty qualification and experience is one of the most significant elements that have to be considered to avail the quality education and experience. 

Rank priorities:-

Write down a list of pros and cons of the engineering colleges that you are considering and rate them according to the different factors of college such as affordability, home distance, teacher-student ratio, faculty, facilities, & college infrastructure. When you compare different factors, you can find the leading college and be confident about your final decision. Looking for scholarships and financial aid is vital and if you get any of them, you can keep the college in the top priority which you made into the second choice because you are unable to afford it.

Research opportunities and Facilities:-

The top engineering college provides the best research facilities for the aspirants. These facilities include labs with the latest technologies and also government grants. You have to look for the undertaken initiatives, check out the in-house scholars that are published and any of the awards presented to the college by the government. 

Placement support:-

 Placement opportunities are one of the most significant factors that should be provided by the colleges. Take a look at the college’s placement records from the past years, the average salary that is taken by the students who have pursued their engineering course and also have a glance at the placement partners and their reputation. Because a good placement history provides you with the best number of opportunities to enhance your career towards success. 

Why should you pursue a engineering course from KGR engineering college?

KGR engineering college, the best engineering college in Hyderabad that offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses. KGR engineering is one of the top institutes of engineering in Hyderabad that has a lush green campus, unique, high-tech and the best educational place to continue your studies. The engineering college has advanced technology labs that are dedicated to several specializations in engineering that include CSE, ECE, Civil and Mechanical engineering. KGR engineering college possesses highly qualified faculty members who have the best teaching experience. They provide you with a great wealth of knowledge and experience that they share with students. 

KGR engineering college provides 100% placement assurance to students. Many multinational companies arrive at the college for the best skills and talent. Students at KGR engineering college obtain a well-balanced education through the best sessions of classrooms, lab work, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, inter-college and industrial visits. 

top engineering college in Hyderabad

Steps That Should Be Considered While Choosing The Best Engineering College

Engineering is famous and one of the most important studies for students who have completed class 12, specifically for students in passion with their career. The engineering field uses principles of science, technology, and mathematics to invent, design & construction, machines, processes, and systems. Each stream is divided into hundreds of subcategories that offer a great range of specializations. 

Choosing the best engineering college is a significant decision for students and parents. Selecting the best engineering college depends upon many aspects and has to be analysed carefully before making a final decision. Getting admission to the top engineering college in Hyderabad paves the way towards a successful career because it is the foundation that offers the base for your graduation and also after you completes your graduation. 

In this blog, we shall discuss several parameters and factors that have to be discussed while choosing an engineering college that is suitable for you. 

  • How to choose the best engineering college:-

With a large number of engineering college present all over the country, it is difficult to choose the best engineering college in Hyderabad is a difficult task. The following factors can assist you to choose the best fit for you. It is significant to make the list of colleges depending on your priorities which is a perspective thing to do when you begin your search. You can classify engineering colleges into three groups. 

The first group can show all the top colleges, which are difficult to get admissions and which most of the students are keen to get joined in. 

The second group list colleges in the category of eligibility and financial perspective. These colleges rank in the category of above average. 

The third group category is the ones which are easy to get admission and the institution should provide satisfactory education. 

Once you get your list ready, you can choose your right fit college and make the decision to achieve your future goal. 

  • Choosing the suitable stream is important

Choosing an unsuitable stream is one of the most common mistakes that is made by engineering students by only considering the brand name of the college while making their decision. Many students attract to the promises and glamour of the college rather than the quality of education and their specialization chosen. Many students feel regret for making the wrong decision later in their course study. 

To avoid such a situation, you have to know your passion towards the stream you are interested in. the college also should possess expert faculty, ongoing individual visits and exposure programs. 

  • Should have placement policy and track record:-

It is common for all engineering colleges to promise a 100% placement guarantee which sounds attractive to students who are seeking admissions. So, enquire the best colleges who have more company placements visit and facilitating job opportunities. A strong tie-up between college and companies should be facilitating job opportunities. 

  • The infrastructure and faculty

A well-equipped, located and best-connected college should make a top priority in your selection list. The experience, expertise and highly qualified faculty are really vital. 

It is important to list your criteria and give space for your requirements in a selection based on the following:

  • Offered degree

Select a college that provides the undergraduate degree that you are keen to receive it, with various choices of engineering degrees and specializations. 

  • Location

The location and ambience of college in rural areas will be most preferred to those which are located in urban areas. The visible difference is visible in the open space, the infrastructure and other facilities are very peaceful for study. 

  • Distance

Travelling daily to the college plays an important part in your study. Thus the convenient distances and connectivity of road and rail are vital factor for deciding. This will help in the travelling of long-distance and high cost of travel expenses. 

  • Cost

Engineering is the most expansive study and the government offers several scholarships that are most cost-friendly. Choose the colleges which provides scholarships and who provides government support to reduce your expenses. 

  • Campus Resources

A well-equipped college aids in providing proper knowledge and interest to students. Providing the latest technology and knowledge makes course study more interesting and attracts students to learning new concept every day.

  • Social Life

Extra-Curricular activities with quality education is a perfect blend for the students to make their college days exciting. Social skills such as team spirit, good communication and other vital skills will be developed through this activity. 

KGR engineering college is the top engineering college in Hyderabad offers the best quality education along with social life activities to pay the way for a successful career.